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KING of GLORY Chronological Bible Curriculum Review by Michele Pleasants

Paul D Bramsen
ROCK International
PO Box 508
Hayden ID 83835

If you are looking for a detailed account of the Bible made simple and engaging for the young children in your life, look no further than KING of GLORY picture book, movie, and study guide! With these resources in hand, you can present God’s story to children in a way that will capture their attention and their hearts.

The KING of GLORY picture book is a 176-page, full color, glossy paged book that tells several key stories from God’s Word, from the story of Creation to the end of times. Broken down into 70 scenes, each to be read like a chapter, the narrator uses a combination of storytelling and direct quotes from Scripture to retell the Bible. Accompanying each chapter is a full-color picture with culturally appropriate portrayals of people and places from that time in history. A section at the end of the book entitled The Message in the Story is a four-part Gospel presentation that explains the Good News of Christ and lays out what it means to become a believer. A bonus section lists 70 questions broken into Old and New Testament for further review that can evaluate comprehension.

To further enhance the picture book, you can also watch the KING of GLORY movie. This 222-minute movie retells the picture book word for word. The seventy scenes are grouped together into fifteen episodes that run on average between nine and twenty minutes. The movie is animated with occasional real-life pictures added. The KING of GLORY movie has been produced in thirty-five languages with even more on the way.

The KING of GLORY Illustrated Study Guide is a companion tool to both the book and movie, allowing for further study. It begins with a detailed explanation of all the parts to the series and how to best use them. In workbook fashion, it then has multiple activities for each episode to include discussion, verse memorization, fill in the blanks, matching, and multiple choice. The Message in the Story is again presented. An answer key is also available for the study guide.

Coming soon will be a seventy-page coloring book that will match the scenes from the book and movie. Many are already available for download on the website.

As a homeschooling family, we added KING of GLORY to our school Bible Time. We began by watching one episode each day, but several days into that routine often continued into a second episode, eager to see what was next. Oftentimes, my son (a rising 7th grader) would read along with the book as he listened to the video. After viewing an episode, I would read the discussion questions and have my son answer them. He would then do the activities on his own for review. To complete both the movie and workbook took 30-40 minutes on average. Though our family used the KING of GLORY for homeschool use, it is a great resource to use for groups as well. The discussion questions offer a good jumping-off point for group conversation.

I love this set and really wish I had younger kids to enjoy it! The combination of both book and movie allows for all types of learners, whether auditory or visual, to get the most out of it. Though the set is marketed for all ages, I do believe that elementary through middle school ages will enjoy it the most. It is a fantastic addition to your home, school, or church library!

Product Review by Michele Pleasants, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, September 2019