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Raccoon Moon Review by Lisa Tanner

Nancy Carol Willis
Birdsong Books
1322 Bayview Road
Middletown, DE 19709

Raccoons frequently visit our farm. The kids often see their footprints and are fascinated by these creatures. To learn more about them, we eagerly read the picture book Raccoon Moon by Nancy Carol Willis.

Published by Birdsong Books, the story inside this hardcover book is 29 pages. Behind the story, there are three pages of facts about raccoons. Altogether, there are 32 pages. The book has a dust jacket to help protect it. The book held up well to multiple readings by my children.

This book uniquely weaves scientific facts about these masked mammals into the story of a mother raccoon raising her cubs. It follows a mother and her babies from the time they are born in the spring until they enter their resting period when the snow flies.

Along the way, you get to watch the baby cubs grow up. They open their eyes, learn to climb trees, and discover how to find food. You also learn about how the mother teaches skills to the little ones, and how they all protect themselves from predators. At the end of the story, they all snuggle cozily in a tree and look forward to the spring moon.

It is a sweet story that my children in elementary school enjoyed, but it is also educational.

In this appendix type section, children will learn more about the life of a raccoon. This section examines their habitat, shares other animals related to raccoons, and provides a detailed explanation of how to care for a baby raccoon when the mother has died or abandoned the cubs. There is also a glossary to help kids learn some of the unfamiliar vocabulary from the book.

My children were fascinated with the information. They learned a lot about raccoons and their habits. It was a fun, age-appropriate way to discover more about these creatures. If your kids like learning about animals, and reading charming stories, I highly recommend this book!

-Product review by Lisa Tanner, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, September 2019