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Busy Preschoolers Do Music Review by Erin Haag

Busy Kids do Piano

Busy Preschoolers Do Music is a wonderful online course where parents and preschoolers can sit together to learn more about music.  Geared toward children ages 3-5, but beneficial for many ages, Busy Preschoolers Do Music introduces children to music in a fun and playful way.  Through the program, preschoolers are introduced to fun characters such as Thumbelina, Pointer Pig, Middle Mouse, Ring Rabbit, and Pinky Panda.  Each character correlates to a finger on the preschooler’s hand and is made into a puppet.  


Music reading practice is done with concepts such as “walk” for the quarter note, “standing” for the half note, and “running” for the eighth notes.  These concepts make it easier for preschoolers to understand.  


Subscriptions start at just $22 for part 1 and $18 for part 2, or you can get the bundle rate for both parts for $34.  This is a one-time fee and is good for the entire family.  With the subscription, you have access to the materials to make this program successful.  The first thing we did is print the downloadable workbook, and then we started.  We watched the online videos together and then practiced with our character puppets to review what we learned.


My 3-year-old really liked this program and while we were working on it, a couple of my older kids also came and watched and joined in!  It is something geared toward the younger group, but everyone wants to join in.  Each lesson was short so it kept my son’s attention, too, and often he would ask to do extra lessons.  One great benefit of the program is that we can work at our own pace, whether that be several times a week or once a week, depending on what that week holds.  We are pleased with this course and plan to check out more courses by the Busy Kids Do Piano company.  


-Product review by Erin Haag, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, August 2019