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A Colorful Past: A Coloring Book of Church History Review by Amanda Hopkins

William Boekestein
Reformation Heritage Books
2965 Leonard St. NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49525

We are always looking for fun ways to add art into our homeschool. It does not have to be drawing, it can be simply coloring. What better way to add some art in while we are learning about important people in church history? A Colorful Past: A Coloring Book of Church History is a fun way to do just that!

This is a simple paperback coloring book that goes through 41 important people from church history from the first century all the way up to the twentieth century. Each century has at least one person listed, with some having more. Each page is perforated so it can easily be torn out for coloring purposes.

The pictures are hand-drawn but can still be colored. The author picked one of the most important moments of that person’s life and included it in the picture. Each picture is on one side of the page, the back is left blank. This means you can hang these up as you finish them and not worry about hiding someone on the back of a page. At the bottom of each picture are a few lines of text about the person and their role in church history.

We took this coloring book and added some art and Bible history into our homeschool days. Since the pictures had smaller details to them, I had my 10-year-old use this. We would read about the person, talk about them and, if we wanted, research more about them. After that, we colored the picture. My son would take his favorite and add them to his wall after coloring them.

I really like this book. It was simple to use. There was no real lesson plan, so we were able to use this as we wanted. My son could take the book and use this on his own if he wanted to. We loved learning about different people in Bible history, some I did not even know about. We loved the simple pictures. Though they were simple, they included some wonderful details. They really showed who the person was and something they were best known for.

If you are looking for a meaningful coloring book that will teach your kids something as they color, I would recommend A Colorful Past: A Coloring Book of Church History.

-Product Review by Amanda Hopkins, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, July 2019