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The Voice, the Revolution and the Key (Epic Order of the Seven) Review by Michele Pleasants

Jenny L. Cote
AMG Publishers
6815 Shallowford Rd
City, State, ZIP Code – Chattanooga, TN 37421

The Voice, the Revolution, and the Key (Epic Order of the Seven) is one of the newest historical fiction, action-packed adventures by author Jenny L. Cote. This 605-page novel picks up with the familiar characters in her already successful series, the Amazing Tales of Max and Liz. Yes, those are a dog and cat, and sure to become the reader’s favorite heroes.

Though The Voice, the Revolution, and the Key is the 7th in the series, it can easily be read as a stand-alone novel. Covering the time of the mid-1700s to the Revolution, this is book one in the Revolutionary Trilogy. The central characters, now known as the Order of the Seven, are the same seven in the earlier books but are also joined by new partners in their adventures. On assignment from The Maker, they travel through time to help guide people through true historical events.

This time, the year is 1743 and you will meet and follow the life of a young Patrick Henry. Eventually, famous men like Thomas Jefferson, George Whitfield, and George Washington are introduced and the reader will see how their lives were intertwined in time. Though many of the characters are fictional, the historical figures and events have all been carefully researched and stay true to the details. Written from a Christian worldview, this book unashamedly quotes scripture and points back to the Lord of the Universe as Creator and in charge of all things.

Our family has quickly become an enthusiastic fan of Jenny Cote’s series. As homeschoolers, we have been thrilled to use these historical fiction books side by side with our history studies. Because they are quite hefty books, we decided early on that we could not take them on as read alouds. Instead, each of us has read them individually. What higher praise can be said for a book that can be read and enjoyed by multiple generations. This book has spawned many family discussions on inventions, wars, and governments. Because it follows famous men from their childhoods on, it helps younger children identify with the characters and then allows them to see how one can grow and mature emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

One additional bonus to The Voice, the Revolution, and the Key is hidden in the back of the book. Cote has added seven pages of historical notes she feels are significant to the story she has written. She explains that she first writes history, and then adds a layer of fiction, and finally a layer of fantasy, hence talking animals and portals that can transport you in time. Because of the amount of time and research that goes into each of her books, as a homeschool mom, I feel quite comfortable in not only using these books as pleasure reading but also as a fun supplement to our homeschool day.

I feel confident you will feel the same way as you allow the loveable characters of Max and Liz, along with their band of friends steal your heart, capture your imagination, and teach you about History.

Product Review by Michele Pleasants, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, July 2019