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Series: Animals Around the World: North America Review by Adrienne Falkena

Lisa Petrillo
Mitchell Lane Publishers
2001 SW 31st Avenue
Hallandale, FL 33009

Animals Around the World: North America is a collection of six hardcover children’s books published and offered by Mitchell Lane Publishers. Each book boasts vivid photographs, fun descriptions, and interesting facts about the chosen animal found in North America.

Titles included in this set are: All About North American Coyotes, All About North American Gila Monsters, All About North American Hawaiian Monk Seals, All About North American Black Bears, All About North American Bison, and All About North American Raccoons. Each of the books has 24 glossy pages that end with where the animal lives, interesting facts, body parts, a glossary of terms, further reading suggestions, a list of websites that have more information, and an index. The set sells for $154.20, though it is currently on sale for $111.00. Individual books sell for $27.50 each, on sale for $18.50 each. E-book formats are also available.

I put these books out for my children to find and waited to see what would happen. Nature shows and books are huge favorites around here, and these were no exception. My preschool and elementary kids were the ones most drawn in and most often seen reading the books included with the Animals Around the World: North America series. My three-year-old wrapped them up with a blanket and “gave” them to his daddy for his birthday. When I asked why, he said it was because the books were his favorite. I love that! I expect to use these books repeatedly as my kids give reports at our homeschool co-op for their science classes. Research made simple is a huge bonus for me!

My youngest proficient reader is seven years old and he could easily read these. The publisher listed the reading level at 3rd grade, and we found that to be accurate.The publisher labeled the interest level as primary and intermediate, and this is what we experienced here.

We really liked these! I love the vivid photography and am always happy when we can learn so painlessly. My kids learned terms for each animal’s young, what they eat, where they live, and more. These books will continue to be a valued set on our bookshelves as the children grow.

-Product review by Adrienne Falkena, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, August 2019