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Kid West – DVD+Digital Review by Ta’Neisha Kemp

Mill Creek Entertainment

Recently our family sat down to enjoy an in-home movie night where we had the chance to visit Harper, also known as Kid West, in her Minnesota neighborhood. This Mill Creek Entertainment movie features familiar themes that all families can relate to as well as a safe listening experience for all ages. I received the Kid West DVD + Digital which is currently available from Amazon for $8.99. 

This movie begins with Kid West rescuing a stolen dog from local mischievous boys. We immediately learn that she is known as the neighborhood hero, tough girl, and is an awesome bike rider. After receiving thanks and the reward money she returns home to help her mother finish packing up their house for the upcoming move. You can instantly tell that her mother is not impressed with her daughter's heroic antics or desire to confront the face of danger. Soon after they move, a mystery involving a secret key intrigues Kid West to hunt for the culprit so she can receive the $5000 reward money for her mom. 

Harper's new surroundings mean that she must learn about the new bullies in the area. You see at once that she can manage herself when presented with a tough situation. She also must learn how to make new friends and accept help from others. Soon Harper and her new friend, Angela Little Sky are working together constantly outsmarting the local boys club while trying to solve the mystery. The duo's antics do not go unnoticed which lands Harper's mom and the new team into quite a bit of trouble. Ultimately, the ladies work together to bring justice to their new home and their new friends. Kid West and Angela Little Sky also proudly take on their new roles as local child Sheriffs for those in need of help.

We all appreciated that we could watch an entire movie without hearing one bad word or seeing a sex scene. My four-year-old daughter and five-year-old son both liked watching the children fight crime together. My 11-year-old son said the movie was "pretty good," but he thought it should have been a bit longer. My husband and I felt the dialogue was forced in some scenes and the mischievous capers did not make sense for this age group. For example, the scenario of the young girls being tied to a tree until 1:00 am, with a parent simply waiting at home is not relatable for an 11-year-old. We all agreed that though the overall storyline was very predictable but still enjoyable for our family. 

I liked the prominent themes of family, friendship, overcoming obstacles, and trusting others. However, there were so many key components presented within this short movie that none were able to be fully explored. For example, Harper's father died in the line of duty and was briefly mentioned throughout. It would have been nice to have a flashback or true moment of exploration to show how she longed for his presence. Since the movie is only 68 minutes, some elements should have been removed so the storyline could flow better. 

Overall, we enjoyed the quality time spent while watching the Kid West movie. It was also nice to see child actors enjoy being children on the big screen. We would recommend this movie to families with young children. 

-Product review by Ta'Neisha Kemp, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, July 2019