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Sumikkogurashi™ Writing + Plush Set Review by Jennifer Ladewig

Aliquantum International Inc.
2009 South Parco Ave.
Ontario, California 91761

The Sumikkogurashi™ Writing + Plush Set is a cute six piece set that children will go crazy over. The set includes a Sumikkogurashi™ Pencil Pouch 7.3,” a Sumikkogurashi™ Spiral Notebook, a Sumikkogurashi™ Tokage Lizard Plush 4”, a Sumikkogurashi™ Ball Point Pen, a Sumikkogurashi™ Mechanical Pencil, and a Sumikkogurashi™ Scissors. The set retails for $49.99.

This fun set will appeal to children. My daughter was so excited when it came in the mail. The website specifies all the above products are appropriate for ages 3 and above. The scissors are made for small hands. They have a cute rubber safety cap that has five of the Sumikkogurashi™ characters stacked upon one another. The pencil pouch is big enough to hold a fair amount of supplies, in addition, the supplies in the set. The spiral notebook has 50 sheets of paper. The outside cover, both front, and back are made of a bendable plastic and decorated with an adorable Sumikkoruashi™ design. The spiral rings are made of metal for greater durability. Both the pen and mechanical pencil have a silicone grip. They both have a whimsical design. The vinyl pencil pouch has a cute zipper pull that is made from stackable Sumikkoruashi™ characters. The design on the pouch features Sumikkogurashi™ characters with a white background with a lime green accent vinyl for the top and sides.

My daughter has really enjoyed the set. She really loved the plush as it is incredibly soft and squishable. She has loved using the notebook and pen/pencil set. The only thing she wishes was that the mechanical pencil had an eraser on the end. My daughter likes that the pen and mechanical pencil have a silicone grip around the finger grip area so that it is more comfortable to hold and write with. This set has been perfect for in the car, appointments, and at home fun. My daughter has added an eraser, some colored gel pens, a small ruler, and a few other supplies to the pencil pouch. All the products have held up to normal everyday use.

Who is Sumikkogurashi™? I found this a fun and interesting tidbit of information about these cute little plush creatures.

Sumikkogurashi are the characters living a quiet and solitary life in the corner. They might be able to settle down when they’re in the corners, but they don’t like being in the center of the room. When they’re taken to the center of the room, they always rush back to the corner.”

 This set is fun, and my daughter has really enjoyed it. Check out all the fun products offered at

-Product review by Jennifer Ladewig, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, July 2019