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Brain Blox Wooden Building Planks Review by Rodna Allman

Brain Blox
Charleston, South Carolina

One of my favorite parts about being a homeschool mom is finding fun, educational games, and curriculum to engage and inspire my children. When introduced to Brain Blox Wooden Building planks by the Brain Blox company, I started thinking of all the ways we could use them for play and school.

Brain Blox are 100 percent all natural, precision cut, chemical-free wooden building planks. They are made from New Zealand Pine wood and are nontoxic and safe for kids. Brain Blox comes in 100, 200, and 300-piece sets. Each set comes with a full- color idea booklet, a red canvas drawstring backpack for storage or for taking the Blox on the go, as well as a free World eBook. Each set ranges in price from $29.99 to $59.99. The 200-piece set that we received costs $44.95.

Brain Blox is a family owned company and their mission is one that I can really get behind. Their mission is to encourage families to turn off the screens and engage in the world around them. They believe that "the happiest, healthiest kids are the ones who are free to be who they were created to be. Free to play. Free to explore. Free to express themselves in a way that feels true to who they are inside." I could not agree with this more.

Brain Blox can be used in many ways. Your child can use these for fun imaginative play; building castles, pirate ships, and houses. You can incorporate these into your daily school routine. You can have your child make letters, numbers, and shapes out of the planks. You can use them to build math skills. Your older child can use these to make a chain reaction contraption. The ideas really are endless. Brain Blox wooden building planks help kids learn Math, Physics and Engineering concepts, develop problem- solving and reasoning abilities, improve dexterity and spatial awareness, as well as support logical thinking. Brain Blox can be used with any age above four years old.

We love these building planks. I never would have thought about incorporating something like this into our homeschool. I would have just seen them as a toy. After seeing the booklet that it came with and especially the eBook, I am inspired to use them as learning tools as well. The eBook that you can download has many great ideas. Your family will be building castles with fences and towers, bridge and trees, furniture for their houses, boats, and ships, trains, planes, cars and so much more. The eBook not only shows you things that you can build but also brain puzzles that you can build and play. It even shows you how to paint the planks to make characters such as kings and queens, superheroes, robots, and pirates to go along with the play sets your child builds.

This is such a fun and educational product from a company who has a real heart for children's education and imagination. I honestly think that your whole family will enjoy using these. One of my favorite things that we built together was a large pirate ship. This is one of those rare products that will have your fourteen-year-old playing with your four-year-old. The planks are very sturdy and will last through many, if not all, generations of your family.

Product review by Rodna Allman, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, May 2019