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Little House on the Prairie® 18” Mary Ingalls Doll & Accessories Review by Charlotte Gochnauer

Little House on the Prairie® 18” Laura Ingalls Doll & Accessories
Little House on the Prairie® Double Desk
The Queen’s Treasure®
(570) 424-7333
777 North 5th Street
Stroudsburg, PA 18302

I have three lovely daughters and so playing with dolls is a part of our day. I was blessed to receive some lovely products from The Queen’s Treasures®. I received two dolls: Laura Ingalls Doll and Mary Ingalls Doll, including some fun accessories. We also received the Double Desk as well.

The dolls are 18 inches high. They have hard legs and arms, but a soft torso. The legs and arms are jointed at the hip and shoulder. The eyes do open and close when the doll tilts down. Laura has brown hair of course, and Mary has blonde. Their hair is of particularly good quality - my girls were quite impressed with it and spent lots of time braiding and playing with it. And both dolls’ hair were at least a foot long which was perfect for making braids and ponytails.

Mary comes with a blue dress, apron, matching bonnet, and shoes. All of these can be removed easily, and the apron really does tie in the back! She is ready to go to school and comes with some appropriate accessories. She has a small tin pail that has a red checkered bag in it. When you untie the twine on the bag, you find her lunch! She has a wedge of cheese, apple, hard-boiled egg, bread, and a mug of milk. These are made of wood and are nicely painted. She also has her chalk slate to write on at school. At the time of this review, the cost for each of the dolls was $89.99.

Laura comes ready to go to bed, so she is wearing a white nightgown and white cap. She also comes with a lovely quilted blanket, her pillow, and her doll Charlotte. Charlotte is a rag doll about 3 inches tall, and she is wearing a dress and has yarn hair. My daughter did wish that Laura had more clothes to change into or even shoes, but you can go onto The Queen’s Treasures® website and buy lovely doll dresses for under $20.

We also received the Double Desk. This is a high-quality wooden desk that has a high-backed bench with an attached desk. It even comes with two inkwells and two round holes in the desktop to put them in. And this desk will fit two 18” dolls as well. The cost of the desk is $74.99.

My youngest daughter had such a fun time with these dolls! She absolutely loved playing with their hair and trying different styles. And the clothing is true to the period, with the bonnets and aprons. But I was thankful that sturdy Velcro is holding the back of the dress, which made it easier to take them off and on. On school mornings my daughter would set up the desk and get both the Mary and Laura dolls ready for school. And when our school started, she set them both sitting at the desk and put the chalk slate between them to share. And when it was our lunchtime, she pulled out the tin pail and got out their lunch to share as well.

We do love reading the Little House on the Prairie series, and I found these products to be fully accurate to the books. Laura and Mary went to school together and ate their lunch from a tin pail. And Laura’s rag doll Charlotte was special to her in the early books, and so it was the perfect toy for the Laura doll to come with. These dolls and the desk are incredibly fun to play with and brought the beloved Laura Ingalls’ books alive for us. When you read classic books, having something tangible to touch and play with make the stories that much more precious.

-Product review by Charlotte Gochnauer, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, April 2019