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The Story of Norman Review by Amanda Hopkins

Laura JK Chamberlain
Heart to Heart Publishing, Inc.
Mud Creek Rd
Morgantown, KY 42261

Books are an important part of our day. We love to read books, not just for school, but for fun also. I love when we can find books to read that are not only fun but have an important lesson in them. That is what I found with The Story of Norman.

The Story of Norman is a hard cover book with about 50 full-color pictures on the pages. The beginning of the book starts off with a letter to parents, caregivers, and teachers. This letter first tells us about the hidden pictures of peanuts in the story. That makes this an interactive book to keep the kids interested. This letter also talks about the lesson of the story, rules, disobedience, and consequences.

The story itself is about a young squirrel named Norman. It takes place in the spring and Norman is tired of all the boring food he has been eating all winter. He wants peanuts. The only way to get peanuts is to find humans. But, the rule of the house is to stay away from humans. This has been drilled into the young squirrels by their father and mother.

As Norman and his friend run off to gather toadstools for Norman’s mother, Norman smells peanuts coming from a nearby house. Against the warning of his parents, and his friend, Norman goes to investigate. Because of his choice to disobey his parents, Norman finds himself in trouble. He ends up having to deal with people and even gets caught.

The end of the story has Norman’s friend telling his young children the story of how Norman disobeyed his parents and ended up alone in the forest. This ending leads up to the sequel to this book, The Story of Norman in the Forest.

We loved sitting down together and reading this story. Not only did the kids have fun finding the peanuts on the pages, but they had a wonderful time talking and discussing what Norman was doing. The story is very relatable to them, wanting something but knowing that they should not go after it. It opened many great discussions on following rules and what happens when we do not.

The Story of Norman is a delightful book to read for fun or to help teach important lessons to your children. We are excited to learn more about Norman in the sequel book.

—Product review by Amanda Hopkins, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, April 2019