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The KinderArt Club Review by Amanda Hopkins

Andrea Mulder-Slater
PO Box 3933
St. Andrews, NB E5B 3S7

I have kids who love art. This is a wonderful thing, except I have never been good at art. This means that I have not been good at teaching art. Not anymore! Now I have the option to teach art with fun monthly themes with the KinderArt Club.

The KinderArt Club is a monthly online program. Each month, you have access to the new themes or artists to learn about. As a member of the club, you also have access to the archives of past lessons and bonuses. This means, if you finish your monthly lesson, you still have access to more lessons to keep the learning going.

My seven-year-old was excited to get access to this club. She is the one who is always begging to do art. Signing up was easy, and we had access right away. I found a schedule that allowed me to plan out the month. I could plan our learning about the theme or artist, pick books off a list of ideas, and plan a day to do the art projects.

The lessons were easy to print and have on hand as we went through them. I love having that option to print and walk away from the computer. The printable lessons had step-by-step directions with color pictures showing each step.

My daughter loved that I was willing and able to start teaching her art. Our first lesson was on balloons and strings. We talked about the different shapes of the balloons, the shiny mark on them to show the reflection, and the several types of strings. The strings allowed us to try different line techniques. We had straight, curly, dotted, etc. There were many examples and my daughter loved making her own as well. After drawing the balloons and strings, we played with watercolors to paint them.

Another fun lesson was drawing vehicles near and far. This was my daughter’s favorite lesson. This month, there were two types of near and far, one for K-2 and one for 3-5. I printed both lessons and used them with my daughter and my older son.

My daughter loved drawing the picture of two buses, one bigger and one smaller on the road, but she was not impressed with the different colors of the fields in the sample picture. Instead, she insisted on “normal” field colors. She even got creative when she made a mistake, she was able to turn it into a scarecrow in the field. She continues to draw the basic road disappearing over the horizon adding different vehicles or objects on the road.

My son really enjoyed his near and far lesson. The same basic concept with the road over the horizon started the lesson. The difference with this lesson was the vehicle. Instead of drawing two buses on the road, we made two different sized cars on a separate page and glued them on to our finished page.

I really enjoy using The KinderArt Club with my kids. I love having an open and go program that does not require time-consuming planning from me. I love having the step-by-step instructions with the pictures to go with them. This means that my kids could see what they need to do, and I have the wording to teach them. There was nothing that was too hard for me. My kids benefited from this the most!

This is a wonderful program that any parent can use to teach their child art, I am proof of that! If your child wants to get creative, but you do not know much about art, this is the program that you need.

—Product review by Amanda Hopkins, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, March 2019