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Craft Block Review by Tyna Begley

(888) 256-2599
3000 East Johnson Ave.
Pensacola, FL 32514

Hy-Lite is a U. S. Block Windows company based out of Pensacola, Florida. They have created an architectural-grade acrylic craft block! It is 8”x 8” x 3” and has a 1 ½” access hold with a reusable rubber seal.

We received two of these lightweight blocks, and my girls (ages 10 and 8) snapped them up. The first test was to see if they would hold water. Answer: yes, if the rubber stopper is oriented at the top of the block. Otherwise, they leak a bit. But the girls filled them with water, food coloring and glitter for a make-your-ownsnowglobe sort of thing. They got bored with that after a couple of days, and the blocks were repurposed into holding sand with lots of ‘things’ in it – shells, small toys, etc. This was lots of fun until little brother opened it and dumped the sand out.

The next idea was to fill it with candy and keep it as a decorative item in the kitchen. It was super cute filled with M & M’s, but getting the candy out was a bit troublesome. Then they tried hot gluing silk leaves and flowers and ribbon to the outside, and stuffing it with Christmas lights inside, for a decorative piece. We really liked this one as well.

Currently, one of our blocks is used as mentioned above as a seasonal décor item. The other is being filled with loose coins. These were fun. I liked that the rubber plug was secure, even after being opened and closed a dozen times.

They are made in the USA which makes me happy.

-Product review by Tyna Begley, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, March 2019