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Mexico Geography & Coloring Book, Bilingual Review by Ingrid I. Ortiz

Katie Hornor
Paradise Praises

Mexico Geography & Coloring Book, Bilingual from Paradise Praises is a great resource to supplement your geography lessons. Katie Hornor has done an exceptional job in bringing together this coloring book the states of Mexico. This material is not intended to be used in place of a curriculum but as a supplement to what is already being taught in your homeschool.

This product will fit homeschoolers in the 3-6 grade level. I used Mexico Geography & Coloring Book, Bilingual with my fifth grader and we had a blast learning all about Mexico. We were both surprised to find that Mexico has thirty-one states plus the nation’s capital. This is not a comprehensive book to learn about Mexico instead it is intended to be a “brief introduction to the variety and beauty” found in the Mexican Republic.

As the title says this Coloring Book and Geography Study is in both English and Spanish. There is a section for English and a section for Spanish. The order of the pages is the same for both languages.

The states are presented in alphabetical order and each state has its own page with a map for students to color. Along with the maps are information about each state such as the capital, state motto and other interesting facts. The state pages also have a smaller map of Mexico showing where the state is within the country. A black and white copy of the state coat of arms appears in the upper right-hand corner. You can download from the website a full copy of all the state shields.

I appreciate the structure of this book where each state is listed in alphabetical order. This is extremely helpful for the homeschool facilitator to have a starting point especially if this is the first-time teaching & learning about this country.

If you wish to go deeper with any of the individual state,there is an appendix with several templates for note-booking.You will need extra resources that supply more in-depth information, such as books on Mexico and or documentaries that will supply background information.

Mexico Geography & Coloring Book, Bilingual is an excellent way to begin to teach your child research techniques and how to use outside resources such as the local library, online research, and other periodicals and journals to help them fill out the template provided by the author.

Lastly, I appreciate that the book is bilingual, this allows for homeschoolers to learn the history, geography, and a new language. The product is $14.95.The pages are reproducible which is beneficial for homeschooling families with multiple children. The only downside to this product is that it is missing color! Now, of course, it is a coloring book and intended for the user to add that touch of color. However, there is a picture of the coat of armor for each state in the upper right-hand corner, and a map key in the lower left corner shaded in black, gray, and white. While there is a link to a download of a PDF that includes all the coat of arms in color, I would have preferred these sections to include the vibrant colors that define Mexico. Overall, both my daughter and I enjoyed this book and would recommend it to our homeschooling friends.

Product review by Ingrid I. Ortiz, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, February 2019