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No Longer Little: Parenting Tweens with Grace and Hope Review by Erin Haag

Hal and Melanie Young
Great Waters Press

No Longer Little is a wonderful resource for parents during the challenging preteen years.This book helps parents find hope and remember grace when dealing with children in this age. No Longer Little covers topics such as hormones, emotions, sexuality, social struggles, conflict at home, and more.It is a read you will not regret.

Hal and Melanie Young wrote No Longer Little from their experiences raising eight children!I love reading books from large family parents since they have more than just one or two experiences with hard topics.The copyright on this book is 2018, so the information given is modern and up to date.

Currently I have two children in their preteen years and a teenager, in addition to two littles. This book has been extremely helpful in understanding the mood swings, challenges, and why my children are on top of the world one moment and then the next, not so much.I wish I had read No Longer Little when my oldest was going through this stage!Oftentimes when dealing with a preteen, I cannot quite grasp what could be going on in their head.After reading this book, it clicked with me!Often, they do not know what is going on in their head, either!

My favorite part of the book was the section on Media, Gaming, and Discernment.There were wonderful examples about taking character, themes, genres, and techniques into consideration when evaluating what media is right for your family.I love that when watching a movie, they encourage a discussion afterward to talk about the characters and worldview.The example was given about it being like a magician’s hat.When you first see a magician, you are amazed.Once you know how the tricks are done, you understand, and it causes less amazement.The goal is to teach your children to analyze media through God's Word and a Christian worldview.No Longer Little also had great advice on helping your children step back from the various media outlets and create healthy boundaries.This part of the book stuck with me the most as we try and balance out media with our children.

Another great section I found beneficial was one on building or restoring family unity.They had some very solid boundaries with their kids to create a healthy environment for them.One of them was that they do not mock one another, especially areas that are sensitive or harmful.They encourage their children to stand up for one another.

Even further in the book, you will read about how to help your child become a producer in society instead of a consumer.There were very practical ways to encourage our children to start taking flight.

I recommend this book to all parents getting ready to start the tween years.Even if you have a teenager already, there are incredibly good ideas to support and enhance your relationship with your child.This is a book that I believe I will re-read many times in the years ahead.

-Product review by Erin Haag, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January 2019