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My Creative Bible for Girls ESV Review by Amanda Hopkins

Veritas Colored Pencils
Christian Art Gifts

I have a daughter who loves to be creative, all the time. She can turn anything into an art project if I let her. When it comes time to study the Bible, she feels stuck with her Bible. The pages are filled with words that she does not know how to read and there is no room for doodling. Well, not anymore. With the My Creative Bible for Girls from Christian Art Gifts, my daughter can take her love of art and color right into her Bible and make it her own!

You cannot have a creative Bible without something to get creative in it with. We got to check out the Veritas Colored Pencils. These are artist quality pencils that have thick lead that does not break easy when my daughter colors with them. They are non-toxic, which is huge in our house. I love the way these colored pencils color. They work perfect, not only in the Bible, but on many other surfaces. They are so beautiful that I refuse to let them leave my sight!

The Creative Bible for Girls is a Bible that we reviewed was the ESV version. The Bible has a beautiful pink cover that shows right from the start the colorful and artful nature of this Bible. Upon opening the Bible, we found the first couple of pages have pictures to color along with verses to color.

After the Table of Contents, we find a section that explains all the features of this Bible. There are so many wonderful things inside this Bible. Not only do we have beautiful pictures to color, but there are spaces to jot down your thoughts and ideas as you read the Bible. We also learned that there were sidebars that introduced us to the women and girls of the Bible. These sidebars gave us a brief history of the woman, what her names means, where she lived, and what we can learn from her.

There were also 366 sidebars that had inspiring devotions. These covered all the topics that any girl or young woman would need to know about in her life with God. As we went on, we learned that there was a memory verse for every book in the Bible. This gave us a fun challenge! We are working on getting through these.

Before we got into reading the Bible, my daughter had the chance to color in a few prayers. We have been enjoying learning these new prayers for different areas of our lives.

Using this Bible with my 7-year-old daughter has been quite easy! She enjoys taking her creativity and love of coloring and bringing it into her time with God. The devotions are perfect for her age and have become a tradition for use to read together each day and talk about the lessons we are learning from them and the Bible verses we are reading.

I always love to work on memorizing the Bible with my kids but finding the verses I want to use can be overwhelming. Having one verse from each book of the Bible narrows this down for me. This makes it easy for me to work with not only my daughter, but all the kids on memorizing the verses. We have started at the beginning and are working our way through. My favorite is if we here a book that we have memorized, the kids will remind me of what the verse for that book was.

We have been using this Bible daily, between reading or coloring, or both. My greatest fear was that this Bible would break at the binding with the lying flat to color. I am thrilled to announce that this fear has not happened! The binding is holding up wonderfully and looks great still. This is a huge plus for me. My other fear was the pages would be too thin for the coloring and that it would show through. Once again, my fear did not happen. While the pages are not super thick, they are thick enough to withstand the coloring and they are not bleeding through with colored pencils to the other side.

There is not one thing that I found wrong with this Creative Bible. Other than the fact that I wanted to steal it from my daughter! This is a high-quality Bible that has pulled together my daughter’s love for God and her need to be creative. This is a Bible that has many purposes and is used many times throughout the day!

If you have a daughter who loves to be creative, you will want to get a hold of this Bible!

—Product review by Amanda Hopkins, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January 2019