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World Changers Biography Club (Digital Downloads) Review by Kimberley Linkletter

Biography Unit Bundle
Tied 2 Teaching

History can be so boring! I cannot remember all those dates and places. Who cares what happened back when?

Are these types of comments familiar to you? Do your children complain when the history books come out? If so, the World Changers Biography Club from Tied 2 Teaching might be just the thing to bring a little fun into your homeschool and, at the same time, bring some world changing folks to life for your kids.

This ever-growing digital bundle currently has 30 mini biography units with plans for another 30 in the works. It was easy and quick to order and download from the Teachers Pay Teachers website and will continue to receive updates and additions as they are added each month. And by purchasing now, a person receives the complete collection for $30.00 (currently individual units are available for $3.00 each so it is quite a savings).

While this package is recommended for grades 2-4, we found the variety of titles made them a good addition to our sixth-grade reading and history lessons. Having a student with ADHD who is a reluctant writer, I am always looking for fun activities that will encourage him to write while not being overwhelming. These units fit the bill.

We also found they fit in with our travel. Because we were visiting the Space Center in Houston and would be learning about Apollo 11, we were pleased to find a mini unit on Neil Armstrong. As with the other units, this one included information organizers, timelines, activities, and information about the famous astronaut so there was lots to choose from.

We also used the George H.W. Bush unit to help EJ understand more about the 44th President of the United States upon his passing. After reading and doing the activities, he was encouraged to do more research and asked, since we were in Texas at the time, if we could watch the funeral train carry the president to his final resting place. We were fortunately blessed and able to do so. We have now used pages from the biography unit together with our own photos and newspaper clipping to put together a biography scrapbook.

Of course, we will not always have the opportunity to expand on our units but there are plenty of ways these units can be tied in with other studies. For instance if your kids are studying the civil war, the units on Clara Barton and Abraham Lincoln fit in here well. There are units on Oprah Winfrey, Benjamin Franklin, Steve Jobs, and Anne Frank. As you can see, a good variety.

We have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy these biography mini-units especially since we have a toddler who will be able to use them when he gets a little older because permission for printing copies is included in the package (extremely helpful when you have several children).

If there is anything, I would like to see changed in this club it would be to add some activities to increase the grade level. Not a complaint since it is recommended for grades 2-4 but a personal wish since we have so enjoyed using it with our 11-year-old that I would like to be able to continue further on.

The World Changers Biography Club has been a hit with our family, and we are eagerly watching to see the new titles as they are added.

-Product review by Kimberley Linkletter, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January 2019