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Better Choices - Fresh and Healthy Cuisine Review by Sabrina Scheerer

Rosalie Hurd, B.S. and Frank J. Hurd, D.C., M.D.
Ten Talents
P.O. Box 5209
Grants Pass, OR 97527

Better Choices - Fresh and Healthy Cuisine is the second raw food and vegetarian cookbook from Ten Talents. This is more than a cookbook; it is an introduction to a different way of thinking about food. It includes the authors’ “Ten Principles for Abundant Health” with explanations, tips, and scriptural references for each principle. These principles go beyond food to encompass an overall healthy lifestyle. This is followed by a section on the authors’ understanding of God’s original design for our diets and why they feel this approach is healthier.

Of course, it is a cookbook at heart and includes 225 recipes! All are simple, vegetarian, and whole foods based. Interspersed throughout the recipes you will find interesting information related to the foods; charts of the several types of apples and lettuces, instructions for sprouting and more. The book can be purchased from the authors’ website for $24.95.

I have been looking for ways to include more meatless meals into our diet so was excited to explore the recipes and ideas in this book. Reading the authors’ philosophy and why they eat the way they do was interesting and thought provoking. I am not sure I agree at this point, but I found the suggestions and recipes extremely useful. My daughter does quite a bit of the cooking in our house and enjoyed trying out some of the recipes as well. Many of the recipes in this book are simple enough for elementary age kids to prepare by themselves, especially since quite a few do not need any cooking.

I am extremely glad we have added this book to our cookbook library. I think it would be a fantastic addition for anyone, even if you are not vegetarian. This offers many options that are suitable for a wide variety of diet preferences and everyone will find several recipes they will enjoy adding into their regular menu rotation.

-Product review by Sabrina Scheerer, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January 2019