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Wordly Wise 3000 Book 6 Set, 4th Edition Review by Ta’Neisha Kemp

Kenneth Hodkinson, Erika Hodkinson, Sandra Adam
EPS - School Specialty
800 225 5750
625 Mt Auburn St
Cambridge, MA 02138

For many years learning vocabulary has included writing sentences, copy work, and looking up definitions in the dictionary. Now that our oldest is ending 5th grade, I realize that though that method worked for me, he doesn't enjoy doing it. Therefore, I was happy to try the Wordly Wise 3000 curriculum which focuses on furthering children's vocabulary through developmental concepts, comprehension activities, and exposure in multiple contexts. We received the Book 6, Teacher's Resource Book and the Student Book. School Specialty currently provides the Teacher's Resource Book for $54.15 and the Student Book for $13.55.

The Teacher's Resource Book includes detailed information for instructing, tutoring, and assessing your child. This book is written for classroom teachers, but I was able to tailor the explanations and most of the activities for our homeschool. The pacing guide gives an example schedule for 10, 15, and 30 minutes of instruction. Images of the student practice activities are also provided along with thorough teaching tips for each section. All lesson midterms, final tests, context passages, reproducible pages, and all answer keys are also included in this resource book. I found the Teacher's Resource Book to be extremely organized and full of helpful advice. I appreciate how much care was taken to ensure the instructor is confident in educating in various settings. I decided to add tabs to the top of my book so I can easily flip to the section that I needed.

The Student Book begins with a heartfelt letter to the student welcoming them to the program and explaining how it works. Next, you'll find each lesson which includes a word list, four practice activities, fact section, and extension activity. The word list shows definitions, pronunciations, and examples of sentences for each word. Several words give you the option to discuss the meanings with your friends but since our son is in a class all by himself, we discussed them. Four practice activities allow opportunity to review the words and definitions via multiple choice questions, fill in the blank exercises, and other word games. The context worksheet uses each of the words in a story paired with detail comprehension questions. A brief fact section is included within each lesson that explains a bit of history for some of the words. After four lessons there is also a comprehensive review crossword puzzle, but this does not replace the weekly tests in the Teacher’s Resource Book.

This curriculum also includes a 12-month subscription for students to access practice tests and games using the Quizlet app or website. By using the code printed in the booklet, your child can create a profile that allows them opportunity to review the words and definitions, play games, and take tests. Our account immediately provided access to the ad-free Quizlet option for study and game modes wherewith our son enjoyed flashcards, memory puzzles, and matching games.He also reviewed frequently using their Spell feature which allows the student to type the word after you hear it or the definition. The Spell feature is only available by logging into the Quizlet website via tablet, phone browser, or computer. So far, our son's favorite game to play is Gravity which has varying difficulty as you type your vocabulary words while asteroids fall.

During the review period we followed the 15 minutes per day schedule because it worked well with our son's current timeline. For the initial week our lessons took approximately 25 minutes each day but by the second week we were right on track with the chosen 15 minutes pace. On the first day our son completed the vocabulary rating worksheet which assesses your child’s familiarity with each new word.Upon completion, we read over the fifteen words and definitions on the weekly vocabulary list then he completed a practice worksheet. On the second day he completed two more practice activities and reviewed with the Quizlet study subscription. Day three begins with a review then subsequent reading of the weekly story passage which shows the words in context.Once we read through the passages, he answered fifteen comprehension questions and then on the fourth day he finished the practice worksheet and reviewed via Quizlet. He concluded each week in vocabulary by working through the extension exercise and taking the multiple-choice test provided in the Teacher’s Resource Book.

We found using the Wordly Wise 3000, Book 6 curriculum easy to prepare and teach.The creators provided plenty of helpful notes in the Teacher's Resource Book and Student Book. The curriculum teaching concepts and activities paired well with the Quizlet games, review options, and tests. I recommend homeschool families follow one of their provided pace guides because the planning is already done for you. Our son liked the included stories and random vocabulary facts offered each week. His favorite activity was using the Quizlet app and website to review his vocabulary words. I was most excited to hear him using new words during conversations with family and his peers.

It was awesome to try a new approach to teaching our son vocabulary with the Wordly Wise 3000 Book 6, Teacher's Resource Book and Student Book. Remaining consistent in using the curriculum ensured our son's success and adding practice activities via Quizlet was also a refreshing touch that aided in our son's comprehension and daily application. This curriculum should be strongly considered by those that desire their children to build independent vocabulary skills.

-Product review by Ta'Neisha Kemp, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January 2019