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Galileo: On the Shoulders of Giants Review by Teri Lucas

From The Inventors' Specials (video series)

Galileo: On the Shoulders of Giants is one of The Inventors Specials a series of six educational videos from Devine Entertainment. Fifty-six minutes in length, it is the story of Galileo's struggle to change the thinking of modern man in his day. Challenging the teaching of the ancient Greeks, Galileo finds himself forced to teach an arrogant young prince in order to earn money and escape pending judgements against himself. In an unlikely twist of events Prince Cosimo becomes Galileo's most ardent supporter, however, due to the workings of a jealous rival and the misjudgement of his own brother, Galileo is eventually placed in prison for heresy.

Although this video is very well done and quite entertaining it is important to remember that it is from a secular publisher. Some might view the behavior of Galileo's brother Michaelangelo (implied and lightly portrayed) as objectionable for young viewers. My 7-year old son was totally unaware of the implications. Although he thoroughly enjoyed the video, we took the opportunity to discuss Michaelangelo's behavior as a great example of the "foolish man" described throughout the book of Proverbs.

Overall, I found "Galileo" to be an excellent supplemental tool for teaching science, and I do plan on purchasing the entire set of inventors videos. Devine Entertainment also features the same type of series on several of the great composers and artists. You can find them on the website, at Farm Country General Store Homeschool Supplies, and many other suppliers.

--Product Review by: Teri Lucas, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine