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Maxwell USB Shelf Floor Lamp: Standing Light with USB Ports & Outlet Review by Lisa Stanfield


The Maxwell USB Shelf Floor Lamp: Standing Light with USB Ports & Outlet, by Brightech, was just what my older teen was looking for to complete her room redo. With a square base shelf of 10” by 10, this black 62” tall lamp arrived ready-to-build by my teen. I set her to work with the handy instructions and a screwdriver and she had it together in about 25 minutes. The instructions are clearly written and include photos, and all the parts are named and shown via drawings. It was easy for her to put this together on her own. There are three square shelves approximately 16” apart and a rectangular lamp shade that’s 14” tall at the top. The top shelf features two USB charging ports for any electronic devices.

Rated to last about 20 years, the 9.5 watt power-saving LED bulb is a softer light, but perfect for a bedroom or living room accent. Because we use this in a bedroom, the shelves have anything from stuffed animals to jewelry to a cell phone on them at any given time. In the living room I could see the shelves used for remote control devices, small books, plants, or décor. Listed at $80.99, but often on sale for less, this is a lamp that will last and add a lovely accent to any room. The Maxwell comes in two colors, black and white. There are other very similar floor lamp styles that have brown and espresso color options.

Because it is so tall, and the base is fairly narrow, I was initially a little concerned that it would be imbalanced on the carpet in the bedroom. I was glad to see that it was not an issue, and that that lamp was quite sturdy with the solidly-built base. There are a wide variety of choices of floor lamps on the Brightech site, but we selected this one for its height, its open design, and the shelving. The design is not cluttering to the eye and my teen was delighted with it. I like that the LED lamp is bright enough to read by, but did not have the too-bright aspect that LEDs can sometimes have. The shade is a perfect filter so that this is not a problem and the light is warmly distributed throughout the room.

The Maxwell USB Shelf Floor Lamp arrived quickly with no damage to the box, and we had it up in no time. We ran into no issues at all, and have enjoyed the lamp now for two months. I can certainly say the service was quick, the lamp is nicely made and fully functioning, and if we happen to run into any issues, Brightech has a five-year guarantee. “5 Year Satisfaction Guarantee: All Brightech LED floor lamps have a 5-year warranty.”

-Product review by Lisa Stanfield, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, December, 2018