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My Little Girl and My Little Boy Review by Laurie Gauger

Grace Kids Books

Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it ( Proverbs 22:6). That lovely verse opens both of these sweet books that have been thoughtfully written to encourage our little ones to embrace the way that God has created us, as either male or female. The authors, who are also the illustrators, are husband and wife team, Samantha and Michael Grace. They are a homeschooling family, with six children. The last two are not only twins, but the inspiration for these two books, My Little Girl, and My Little Boy. There was something about having a front row seat to twins that were boy and girl, that brought to light the clear differences in the genders. 

These softcover books are thirty-two pages each, with lovely colored pencil illustrations. I enjoyed simply flipping through both books and enjoying those drawings. The art medium used is relaxing for the eye, and provides an overall calming effect. I can imagine these books being perfect for a soothing read before rest time, or bed time. The text appears on one side of the page, with the words for My Little Girl in pink, and the words for My Little Boy in blue. The words appear against a white page. The other page is where the illustrations are, and it results in a relaxed, uncluttered effect. Some books are so busy, with drawings and such everywhere which can make a person feel over stimulated. I really like the way that the authors/illustrators worked together.

Written in short rhymes, many of the pages have the same wording, with a phrase or two changed to suit gender. For example:

"So smart and so sweet, loving and kind,

God gave me a girl, like no other you'll find."

-My Little Girl, page 16

"So big and so strong, loving and kind.

God gave me a boy like no other you'll find."

-My Little Boy, page 16

Both books gently affirm the beauty and wonder that each gender embodies, and will encourage your child to appreciate the way God has created them.

Both books end with a lovely promise:

"For Jesus loves me,

Strong and true,

Now and forever,

My whole life through."

These books can be used in a variety of settings, be it a Sunday School class, VBS, Awana, or at home. Little ones will be captivated by the rhyme and pictures. I know what I'll be including in my gifts for the preschoolers in my life. I hope that you will take a look as well.

-Product review by Laurie Gauger, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, December, 2018