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Sex & the Bible - A Biblical Perspective of Human Sexuality Review by Erin Haag

Sex is a Spiritual Act - A practical, balanced, principle-centered study of sexuality
Biblical Sexuality Workbook (that goes with the two books above)
Purity Press Publishers
Dr. Dale H. Conaway
P.O. Box 360956
Decatur, GA 30036-0956

As a homeschooling parent, it’s sometimes hard to find a solid sexual education curriculum that stands firm with our beliefs and teaches concepts thoroughly. We have really enjoyed working through this Biblical Sexuality Series three book set. 

This set includes Sex & the Bible, Sex is a Spiritual Act, and the Biblical Sexuality Workbook. The workbook is designed to be used together with the two books. The first half of the workbook deals with the first book and the second with the latter.  

Sex & the Bible was copyrighted in 1996 and covers a variety of topics regarding what the Bible says about sexuality. Bible verses are used to support statements throughout the book. This book covers topics such as sexual trends, sexual intercourse, sex undefiled, fornication, the sexual body, consequences of sexual sin, and more.  

Sex is a Spiritual Act is the second volume in this book series and was copyrighted in 2001. This book goes into more depth talking about sexual idolatry, gene pools, abortion, homosexuality, masturbation, and sex drives. It brings together evidence of sex being more than just a physical act and can have lasting consequences.  

The Biblical Sexuality Workbook is designed to be used with both books mentioned above. It can be used as a Bible class or in a homeschool setting. It’s designed for teenagers to read a chapter, or it to be read together, and then answer questions about what was just read. After the question and answer section, there is a personal application and group discussion topics. In group discussion, the leader can read some Bible verses and then consider points and ask the included open ended questions to facilitate discussions.

I felt that a lot of the information in the books felt a little dated compared to sexual struggles that are more precedent in our current society. The first book was very informative but was a little hard to read due to all the references. Regardless, I was amazed at how much research went into creating these books, as they are extremely thorough in providing knowledge to the reader. The second book flowed a lot more smoothly and was also very thoroughly researched. All information given has biblical and other references to back it up. Along with thoroughly discussing sex, there are also very interesting health tidbits that I didn’t even know!  

Some of the information is very heavy, so I would definitely recommend using it for teenagers and not younger children. I can see these books working well in a homeschool setting. This set could be used to supplement your student’s Biblical Studies credit and/or Health credit. Our family will continue using it with our teenager to earn toward her high school credits.  

-Product review by Erin Haag, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, December, 2018