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The Field Review by Audrey Tolle

The Field

With six children and a house full to the brim, I am always drawn to toys that allow my kids to use imaginative play, that doesn’t run on batteries, and ideally, can be suitable for a variety of age groups. I was eager to try out The Field as it looked hopeful to meet my criteria for a great toy worth keeping around.

The Field is available to shoppers in US and Canada through It sells there for $39.99. It is a large field of lush green grass surrounded by hedging that measures 26 x 17 inches and stands 3 inches high and has a gate for entrance. It comes with a starter bag of farm animals, tractor, and white fencing. It is recommended for ages 3 and up.

I was impressed with The Field the moment I put my hands on it. This thing is sturdy and heavier than expected. I thought the “grass” would be flaking off and become skimpy in places after a while like artificial Christmas trees, however, this grass is not going anywhere and was designed to stand up to endless hours of play without showing signs of wear. The farm animals and white fencing were cute and was a great starter item for The Field. I feel like they were made cheaply and they wouldn’t stand up right, but since the main idea of The Field is to be an open canvas for play, I don’t hold the cheaply made farm animals against the product.

My kids absolutely loved this toy and all of them from my three-year-old through my twelve-year-old have spent hours away from electronics and loving the simplicity of The Field. As a parent, I love how versatile it is. We had everything from animals, to race cars, to dinosaurs, to Legos on this field. It is a great base for imagination and creativity to take off.

I highly recommend this quality toy that is so simple, yet such a joy to both students and parents.

Product review by Audrey Tolle, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November, 2018