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KleenSlate Hand-Held Whiteboards Review by Leslie Talley

Whiteboard Pens/Erasers
Interchangeable Graphic Organizers
Sonora, California 95370

Personal sized writing boards, also known as slates, are not a new invention. In fact, they’ve been around for centuries. They’ve improved and changed over the years but KleenSlate has reinvented the wheel with their Customizable Whiteboards. The whiteboard’s writing surface measures 9.5” by 7.5”. There are six assorted colors to choose from. On one side of the board there is a blank dry-erase surface. The other side has a clear dry-erase sleeve. Inside this sleeve each whiteboard comes with a removable two-sided template. The template has graph lines on one side and handwriting lines on the other. Also included with each whiteboard are two black dry erase markers. The markers have erasers on the end of the cap and also have a forty-eight hour cap-off technology. The markers are non-toxic and low odor. Each board has a handle that holds one marker. Attached to the end of each handle is a removable and washable microfiber cloth. This is a complete product but KleenSlate has additional products available. Some of the available products are multi-colored markers, rounded boards, replacement sheets and sleeves, eraser caps, and templates by subject. The subjects available are math, science, English, general education, mind maps, formative assessment, Spanish and sports. There is also a create-your-own option where you can download the blank template, create your desired worksheet, and print at home. There are several bundled options available. You can purchase a bundle of two, twelve, twenty-four, or thirty-six whiteboards. The prices range from $15.99 for two to $250.00 for thirty-six.

Because KleenSlate whiteboards are fully customizable I think they can be used for any age. From the toddler learning to form letters instead of scribbles to the teenager jotting down notes for a big report these boards are universal. As the teacher I am often using the boards for quick lessons when we find that we need to go deeper into a math concept. Or brainstorm ideas for a writing assignment. Or spell a word. The list goes on. They are so easy to grab and use right away because the pen and eraser is attached. These boards would benefit all learning types and can be used at home and on the go. While these whiteboards are intended for school use they work well and easily for homeschoolers. 

The KleenSlate whiteboards are incredibly handy to use. My children have loved them from the first day and have used them daily since we received them. They have been great for our homeschool and have benefited each kid in different ways. My youngest daughter, who is nearly four years old, enjoys using hers as she is learning to write and identify letters. My six and eight year olds enjoy using their KleenSlate for handwriting practice, working out math problems and sight word practice. My ten year old likes using her board for brainstorming for writing assignments, for spelling practice, for diagramming sentences, and when working through math problems. My thirteen year old uses her board for note taking, research papers, brainstorming, and math problems. All of them love to use the boards for doodling and creating artistic masterpieces. I love how easy they are to grab and use. Having the pen and eraser attached makes it that much easier as we aren’t searching high and low for all of the pieces. They are well made and simple. There isn’t really very much that I dislike about this product. A few things that I wish were available are more color options, pre-printed template bundles, and a bundle option between two and twelve boards. Most homeschoolers have more than two children but less than twelve. An option to buy four, six, or eight would be great!

I would recommend the KleenSlate Customizable Whiteboard to any homeschool or co-op. They are an inexpensive and useful tool for all ages. Their create-your-own feature makes them easy to customize to suit your individual schooling method, learning style, and subject focus.

-Product review by Leslie Talley, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November, 2018