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Parent Mentor Training Course (six-week online video course) Review by Patti Pierce

Greg and Rachel Denning
WorldSchool Academy

As the mother of three sons: ages twenty-two, twenty and eighteen, plus a daughter, who is sixteen years old, I know the importance of mentoring our children. Greg and Rachel Denning provide guidance on helping teens reach their untapped potential. This online course provides guidance for parents and teens about making good choices and staying focused without arguing, yelling, or nagging. The primary item needed for this course beyond a computer and Internet connection is a notebook and pens along with your family. However, several books are referenced in the course which I would recommend trying to get. But if you are unable to get the books, I still feel you will get plenty out of this course. The course is designed for parents to watch the videos and then the parents and teens to do activities together afterward.

The course is broken down into an introduction, six units, plus a bonus video. The units address everything from helping your teens see the world around them, teaching them to speak, problem-solving and resolving skills, learning to achieve, learning to cherish relationships and teaching them to invest in themselves. Greg Denning provides the instruction in each video portion of the lessons. He provides insights, information, and personal experiences to create an informative and engaging video. The videos are well-done, easy to understand. I would recommend a high-speed Internet connection for this course. The videos vary in length from 15 minutes to as long as forty minutes.

Some of the videos for the lessons are broken up into parts. So those lessons may actually take longer to watch. Also, there are places where the video needs to be paused so the parents can complete some activities. The assignments are critical to getting the full value out of this course.

My oldest two sons grew up participating in a variety of activities that helped prepare them for life and for decision-making. However, my youngest son and our daughter (who is the youngest) did not have so many experiences. So, my main goal in watching this course was to help them. Our daughter often finds social interactions to be overwhelming since she tends to be more of an introvert. So, I loved how the course contained a section on social anxiety. My husband is very extroverted, while I tend to be more introverted, so this section provided some useful ideas for helping our daughter.

After watching the course, I definitely believe the assignments and family participation are key to getting the most from this product. I appreciated the depth and breadth of the course along with the detailed instruction given for completing the assignments. I definitely recommend this course for any parents of teens or children about to become teens.

-Product review by Patti Pierce, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November, 2018