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Lightlab Review by Laurie Gauger

Lessons for kids to explore the nature of light and to know Jesus
Book and Kit
Lightlab, Etc.

Calling all tweens, their parents, and teachers, this review is for you! Does your Bible time need some oomph? Are you looking for a resource and activities that will add some depth to your Bible studies? Have you ever thought of using science to engage your students? Fantastic, because the book titled, Lightlab, and its accompanying kit, is just the splash of wow that you have been waiting for. Why is it that too often, Bible lessons whether in Sunday school, homeschool, or personal devotions can be so lacking? We are seeking to know the Creator of the Universe, are we not? How then, could our studies be so...boring? Read on, because this kit can turn your class around.

You can find the theme of this book and kit in its title- light. Jesus is the Light of the world, and author Suzanne O. Shera uses various science experiments to teach the concepts of light and connect them to Jesus, and Christianity. The book is divided into twelve chapters, with each chapter building on the previous one. Each chapter follows the same general outline:

- Introduction - Present the concept and theme

- Background - Study the history behind the theme, and how it applies today

- Activities - Science experiments, yeah!

- God's Light - The Bible study, questions, and memory verses

Even the science lessons build on each other, as the author has followed the sequence as presented in science books.

These are the lessons/experiments that will be presented:

Lesson 1- Let There Be Light! How electricity flows through conductors to light a bulb.

Lesson 2- What Is This Light? Magnets and electricity

Lesson 3 - Let The Light Through! How does light travel?

Lesson 4 - How Big Is Your Shadow? Indoor and Outdoor Shadows

Lesson 5- What Do You See? Reflections

Lesson 6 - Reflect His Light! Law of Reflection

Lesson 7 - Which Is The Right Path? Refraction

Lesson 8 - Focus on the Light! The effect of curvature on a lens

Lesson 9 - Is This Light Your Hope? Prisms

Lesson 10 - Are You In His Light? Color Wheel

Lesson 11 - What Is This Color? Color combinations

Lesson 12 - Be Salt And Light! Does salt conduct electricity?

The kit that accompanies the book includes the following for your experiments:

3  alligator clip wires

2  2.47 volt bulbs

2   6 volt bulbs

1  bulb mount

2  battery mount

1  magnet

1  compass

 2  mirrors

1  magnifying glass

1  prism

1  mini engine

The book also includes a list of other household items that may be needed. The set is created for eight to eleven year olds, but my thirteen year old was very excited to use this. She adores science, and as soon as the kit arrived in the mail, she whisked it away. My husband and father in law were pretty interested as well. We think it is wonderful! I love this kit! I know that personally, I have found that when a Bible lesson has a practical hands-on activity, especially as we talk about younger students, the lesson tends to stick better. There are so many ways that this can be used: Sunday school, home school, summer camp, youth group, co-op and more. Suffice it to say that we give these two thumbs up! Pick up a kit for your tween today!

-Product review by Laurie Gauger, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November, 2018