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Leonardo Da Vinci Meet the Artist! Review by Amy Butler

Patricia Geis
Princeton Architectural Press
(518) 671-6100
202 Warren Street
Hudson, NY 12534

A book that is more than just a book is one of the most effective learning tools you can find. When the words we read come to life through engagement, that’s where the learning really happens. Leonardo Da Vinci Meet the Artist is a brand new pop-up activity book from Princeton Architectural Press’s Meet the Artist! series that is certainly more than just a book.

This 17-page, hard-bound book introduces the reader to Leonardo Da Vinci, his history and artwork, as well as the Renaissance itself. Every opening includes some form of a pop-up image, flap, or pull-out booklet that enhances some element of the information being given. The very last opening reveals loose sheets of perforated materials ready for construction that allows the reader to design their own ideal city. Because of the delicate nature of the pop-ups and the detailed information provided, the recommended age is eight years old and up and costs $24.95. As the title suggests, the book introduces the reader to the artist, which means it is a suitable element for a unit study of Da Vinci or an excellent addition to a study of art history. 

It is a beautiful book with thick pages and well-designed three dimensional images that beautifully compliment the subject matter. As fascinating and diverse as Da Vinci was in his own interests, this Meet the Artist does a good job reflecting the varied aspects of art and science that he spent time in. As I do with most books, I shared this with my five year old daughter as well as my eight year old son and I do support the age recommendation for students using the book independently. While she found it mildly interesting, it was largely beyond her and just too delicate for her to handle very much. If younger children can sustain interest, they would very likely need assistance and supervision. 

Leonardo Da Vinci Meet the Artist is an engaging, hands-on book for older kids that delivers more than just words on a page. It would be a great addition to any library.

- Product review by Amy Butler, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, December, 2018