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Spot the Difference: In the Park Review by Amanda Hopkins

Naomi Wilkinson
The Quarto Group
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6 Blundell Street
N7 9BH
United Kingdom

We love having books in the house. They can range from anything from picture books, chapter books, and even fun spot the difference books. These ones really take the reading to a new level and we love to use them often! My youngest is only 3, so sometime these books can be hard for her. We had the chance to check out the board book Spot the Difference: In the Park by Naomi Wilkinson.

The difference with this book, from others we have used, is that it is geared for the younger kids without being too little. This is a perfect medium for my very independent 3-year-old. There are six different scenes spread out over the twelve board book pages of this book. When you open up the page, one page will have the image with a fun little saying. The next page will have the same image but with differences. You can find these differences by looking under the flaps.

Yes, I said under the flaps. This is not only a see the difference book, but also a lift the flap book. That means that my daughter was in love! She had an idea of where each of the differences was because they would be shown under the flap. While we had an idea of where we would find the differences, there was still enough of a challenge for my daughter, as well as me!

My daughter wants to be like the big kids and have school, but right now, she is only three. To me, that is too young to worry about actual school. Instead, we pick up fun books like this one and work on different skills by having fun. I had hoped to do one page a week, but once we opened this book, there was no putting it down until we were done!

The colorful images of these board book pages had me hooked. I knew that I could let my daughter run off with the book and she wouldn't bring it back ruined. There are not too many pictures on the pages. They are simple and fun for my daughter.

I am in love with this book, and we have used it many times to help us do our school lessons. This is a book that my daughter loves as well. It is one that is her favorite, and will continue to be.

-Product review by Amanda Hopkins, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, December, 2018