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BearHands & Buddy Mittens Review by Jenny Underwood

Size S 3-7 years old
90 Dayton Ave, Building 9, Unit 4i
Passaic, NJ 07055

I don’t know about you but my kids are like the kittens that are always losing their mittens. It seems we have loads of single mittens running loose in the house during the winter. So, I was curious to see how long the Bear Paw mittens from BearHands & Buddies would stay together.

Boy was I surprised! The kids enjoy them so much that they actually keep up with them! What is so special about these cute and warm mittens?

They are super cute! We were all absolutely in love with them as soon as we got them. They look like the kids have paws when they wear them. The kids had to chase each other all over the house pretending to be bears and growling. We received a pair of red ones and a pair of pink ones so the boys had to take turns with the red ones because of course they couldn’t wear pink. Lilly was very glad of this, because she didn’t have to share.

This is very unusual for us, but we received the mittens in early November and the next week (mid-November) it actually snowed and stayed all day! So the kids got to try their mittens out in the snow. They kept their fingers nice and toasty (they are made from fleece) and another great benefit is that they actually stay on because they have an adjustable cinch on the wrist. They also have an opening so if your child needs to use their fingers for something they can pop them out and back in quickly.

I definitely recommend these mittens. They would be a perfect gift for any children in your life (I would love a pair for myself). I had to promise our older son that we would buy him his own pair so that he and his brother no longer have to share. The company also produces hats, scarves and other winter accessories with a fun animal theme.

- Product review by Jenny Underwood, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, October, 2019