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Baby’s Keepsake Ornament Review by Lisa Tanner


Are you looking for a fun way to capture some favorite memories as your baby grows up? With the Baby’s Keepsake Ornament from Milestone, you can! This $19.00 glass ornament is beautiful. It features sparkly gold dots, and a gold cord for hanging it up. However, the best part isn’t in how the ornament looks.

Before you hang it on your tree, take some time to add a memory. The cork at the top comes off, giving you access to the inside of the bulb. The ornament comes with a pad of 12 little note sheets with a colorful star pattern on the back. Each one has several lines for writing one of your favorite memories of your baby. There’s also a space at the bottom for writing the year.

Once you’ve written your memory down, roll the note up like a scroll. You can use one of the golden seal circle stickers to seal your note closed. Next, slide your scroll roll inside the ornament, and replace the cork. Then hang it up on your tree.

Each year continue adding a memory roll. With the included supplies, you’ll be able to continue this tradition for twelve years.

On that twelfth Christmas, you’ll have so much fun looking back on all your favorite memories. It’ll be a special way to connect with your pre-teen, opening the door for even more conversations about memories and nearly forgotten moments.

I had such a fun time reviewing this product. My older kids helped me think of the perfect memory to add for our newest baby. It was a fun family moment to spend together, reflecting on the past few months.

Once we decided what to write, we added the year 2018 at the bottom. Then we rolled it up and sealed it with one of the golden stickers. It was easy to slip inside the ornament, and looked really cute inside.

After adding the memory scroll, I was curious how hard it’d be to get out. So, I investigated. I was able to retrieve it with just a little gentle shaking. The seal came off the scroll without damaging the paper at all, and I was able to reuse the same seal to close it up again. I appreciate the fact that there are a few extra seals in case one breaks and needs replaced when you’re reading the memories.

The Baby’s Keepsake Ornament is a fun new tradition I think the whole family will enjoy. I’m looking forward to pulling out all the memories in twelve years and just spending time remembering. It’d make a great gift for a family with a new baby!

-Product review by Lisa Tanner, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, December, 2018