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52 Conversations to Have With Your Teen Review by Erin Haag

Derek T. Rowe
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52 Conversations To Have With Your Teen is a tremendous resource for parents and a wonderful keepsake. The beginning of the book walks you through how to use the book to its max potential. The book is designed to be a platform to inspire thoughtful conversations between parents and teenagers. Let's face it - sometimes it's hard to think of things to talk about and get beyond yes and no answers.  

Basically, there are 52 conversations, broken up into months of the year. There are 4 questions for each month of the year and an "Extra Weeks" section with four more questions. This book features a journal-type style with the questions. You can casually ask your kids about the conversation starters and then jot down notes based on their response. Each week also has a Bible verse to go along with the conversation prompts. There are other encouragements along the way such as scripture reading, praying, and more.  

Many of the topics are month specific and deal with topics such as “Why do you celebrate Christmas” in December and “What would you like to improve about yourself this year” in January. The rest of the weeks have various topics. Some are fairly simple to answer and some bring on more in depth conversing. One that I really enjoyed asking was question number six. It asks "Does God show you that He loves you?” This brought on such a beautiful conversation. I truly loved getting to hear my teenager's thoughts on the subject. At the end of the book, there are many blank pages to jot down your own notes or questions.  

I definitely recommend this book to all parents. Having conversation starters is a great way to get out of the rut of how to talk to your teen. It definitely opened the door for further conversations beyond just the conversation starter. I look forward to finishing out the book with my teenager and using it again with my other children.  

-Product review by Erin Haag, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November, 2018.