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Bible Orientation: A Bible Survey Curriculum for Children; Review by Kelly LaFollette

Volume 1: Law & History
Author: Carole Pollard

Over the years, I have seen many different types of Biblical children’s curriculum. Not only do my husband and I teach our sons Biblical lessons, but we are also a part of the Kid’s Ministry at our church. The one thing we have noticed about some of the curriculum materials on the market is much of it is too easy for the children, doesn’t cover reading the Bible, and requires the students to write or really give any kind of comprehension or interactive study. They don't go into depth of the Biblical story being studied, which at Second Grade level, I think many of the children could understand. I am proud to say that these issues were resolved when we got a chance to review Bible Orientation: A Bible Survey Curriculum for Children; Volume 1: Law & History.

Bible Orientation: A Bible Survey Curriculum for Children; Volume 1: Law & History comes in two formats. There is a physical copy of the product that comes in a spiral bound hardcopy, or you can purchase as a Downloadable PDF. It is 168 pages, and has chapters that cover from Genesis to Esther. Some of the lessons cover NIV (New International Version) and NLT (New Living Translation). There is a Contents page that breaks this down for each chapter, and also what worksheets will be covered for that specific chapter. For instance, there are different worksheets for Law Review 1 in Deuteronomy, one is for NIV and one is for NLT.

There are also 4 Appendixes included in the back of the book that cover different symbols in each of the books of the Bible discussed, and also great ideas for Sword drills. Sword drills are finding specific scripture references or books of the Bible, and who can find it the fastest. My husband and I teach Second Grade Boys Sunday School at our church, and we have our students do sword drills before each class lesson. We think it is important for children to know where to find the books of the Bible, and sword drills does a great job of doing that. I enjoyed the recommendation in the book to yell, “Charge!” for the boys to start looking for the specific scripture reference. The students have loved adding that addition to our sword drills!

Bible Orientation: A Bible Survey Curriculum for Children; Volume 1: Law & History is recommended for children in grades 2-6. This product allows children to move at their own pace, and requires minimal preparation. This makes it perfect for any Sunday school class or a Bible lesson for your children. My boys start their day in Bible lessons before any other schoolwork. This allows me the flexibility to make their breakfast while they study their lesson. All that is required is this workbook, their Bible, and a pencil and paper in some of the lessons.

The lessons include maps, fill in the blanks, crossword puzzles, spiral puzzles of fill in the blank, scripture reference, and reading, comprehension questions of the story read, and matching. It also includes an answer key for the teacher or educator. As someone who didn’t grow up in the church, this is a blessing for me. Many times, I am learning right along with my sons or my Sunday school students.

My family and I really enjoyed being able to review Bible Orientation: A Bible Survey Curriculum for Children; Volume 1: Law & History. We are using it as our Bible lessons for my boys, and it is wonderful being able to see my boys in the Word and be able to have a conversation with them about what they read. The questions in the workbook really help to cultivate these discussions. It is also a great way for my sons to practice their handwriting as they go through the lessons. My sons do daily lessons during the school week, and this will easily get us through to the end of the school year before summer break.

We also use some of the worksheets in our Sunday school class if it relates to the lesson. Included is a license to copy worksheets as needed and I think that is outstanding. This workbook encourages children to read the Bible themselves. It allows them to be excited about it. There is also a Bible Orientation: A Bible Survey Curriculum for Children; Volume 2: Poetry & Major Prophets available and we are eager to start Volume 2 once we finish Volume 1.

-Product review by Kelly LaFollette, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November, 2018