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Kururin Review by Lori Hooten

(The Original - Maple - Red)
Kendama USA LLC
2140 Newmarket Pkwy SE #118
Marietta, GA 30067

Do you think best when your hands are busy? Do ideas flow when you fidget? Is your brain strongest when your hands are engaged with something? Whatever you require, this desktop challenge fits the bill. Kendama USA LLC has brought us the Japanese desktop game that is fun, challenging, and exciting—the Kururin.

The Kururin is a small barrel shaped piece of solid maple wood. It has rubber pads on its end caps. And it can move in thousands of different ways to create all sorts of interesting challenges, patterns, and fun. At just around three inches long, it is easy to play with or carry around.

In the few weeks we have had it around the house, it has gotten almost constant use. Whether one of the girls is working on her school work and needs a quick break or someone is just passing by, it gets picked up and tricks attempted. Any time someone in the family sees the Kururin sitting around, they try to complete a trick with it. Whether it is rolling it and having it stop on its end or rolling a certain number of times end over end or rolling back and forth between end caps, it is fun to sit and try to make the Kururin do what you want.

We have found that the Kururin is a fantastic brain break. It gives a challenge while being a fun activity. The Kururin also is great for occupying the hands during a discussion, helping one focus more on the discussion than trying to keep their hands busy. We have found that this kind of a toy is really helpful for one of our girls and the Kururin is perfect.

This has become a favorite gadget to pick up and carry with us when leaving the house. One of the girls in particular can be found with the Kururin in her possession. She takes it with her to Bible Bowl and when a break occurs, we find a number of the students gathered around challenging each other and passing the Kururin around the circle. All the kids love it! She also enjoys taking it with her to dance class. She and her friends enjoy playing with it prior to class or during short breaks. The challenge of the Kururin makes for lots of laughter and fun competition between friends.

The Kururin is a great little desktop game. It is interesting and only requires perseverance and a fresh imagination. This unique, fun, and challenging game would make a fabulous gift.

-Product review by Lori Hooten, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November, 2018