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NoshBaby Munchables Review by Emily Schnetz

10039 Painter Ave.
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

Nosh Baby Munchables are dissolving wafers made for teething babies. They come in many different flavors: rice; broccoli; pear and kale; strawberry and beet; sweet potato and pumpkin; pomegranate and blueberry; banana and mango. There are two in a package with a serving size of four wafers. They also come with dippers, which provide a fun experience for parent and child. Each box is around four dollars and they can be found at most local big box stores.

The Munchables are for babies who are ready to start their first solid foods around four to six months. I tried out both the regular Munchables and the dippers. I always keep a few of the regular ones in my diaper bag and use them frequently while we are out. The dippers I keep at home and let her eat only in her high chair with a bib on as they are quite messy.

I love these wafers! They are so handy to help prevent melt downs, or to distract my baby while grocery shopping. The wafers themselves are not too messy, they dissolve quickly in her mouth, and she loves them because she can hold it and feed herself. The dippers are great even though they are messy, but I wouldn’t take them on outings because it’s quite a process to eat those. I am always wary of products with ingredients I’ve never heard of, but that is not the case with Munchables. The list of ingredients is short, and I know everything that’s in them.

I would highly recommend Munchables! They are comparable to others on the market but with a wider variety to choose from. I even tasted them myself and they taste pretty good!

-Product review by Emily Schnetz, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November, 2018