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VeggieTales God Knows Me Review by Laurie Gauger

365 Daily Devos For Girls
Worthy Kids/Ideals

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"If you like to talk to tomatoes, if a squash can make you smile..." If you have any children in your life, whether your own, or from any variety of Sunday School or Children's Church, you are likely familiar with those words featured in the VeggieTales theme song. That delightful show has charmed countless children and their parents for decades. Those crazy vegetables use whimsy and humor to teach Biblical principles via DVD and BluRay, and now, they are available in a devotional created specifically for young girls. As a longtime fan, I was happy to receive a copy of VeggieTales God Knows Me - 365 Daily Devos for Girls, to review.

With a targeted age range of girls from four years old up to seven years old, this is a devotional that will quickly become a favorite for your class or personal library. This is a sturdy paperback book, with three hundred and eighty-four pages. The purple cover, which features two sweet VeggieTales characters, is visually appealing, as are the brightly colored pages within. I immediately found myself flipping through the book, and looking at the pretty layout of each page, which are also of a thicker type of paper, which is really nice, I think.

There is a page at the beginning of the book, where it can be personalized with the name and date given. Flipping forward a few more pages, there is a message to the parents, which provides a brief overview of the devotional, as well as suggestions in how to use it. So, let's talk about that. After seeing the title, it won't be a surprise to find that there are three hundred and sixty-five devotions in the book. Each one is labeled as a day, as in Day one, Day Two, and so on. That makes it easy to use this book, as you can pick it up and start the readings at any point in the year. For every devotion, there is a kind of main idea as a header, at the top of the page. It will feature a trait, such as, kindness, forgiveness, or patience. Immediately under this, is the verse of the day, using one of several Bible translations. A short paragraph offers a positive message, followed by the thought of the day, and then a simple prayer.

Once all three hundred and sixty-five devotions have been completed, or really, any time at all, there are several pages at the back of this book that feature Bible verses that may be memorized, as well as discussed. There are a variety of ways that this book might be used. If this is for personal use, what a sweet way to start the day. Read the message at breakfast, talk about it a bit, and for older children, the verse can be printed out and used for copy work. Discuss ways to apply the principles and pray together. My daughters are older now, but even my thirteen-year-old enjoyed paging through this lovely little book. After all, God's Word is timeless, and also, my girl loves all things pink and purple. Teachers can use this in basically the same way as one could at home. Again, the bright colors and characters will catch the eye of the little girls in your life. This would also make a lovely gift. Personally, I am keeping a copy of this handy in my bag for Sunday School, and for the times when my adorable nieces are over for a visit. Pick up a copy for your little girl and enjoy this sweet resource that will point them to Jesus.

-Product review by Laurie Gauger, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November, 2018