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What Is Prayer? Review by Laurie Gauger

Who Is God?
RoseKidz Rhyming Book Series
Valerie Carpenter
Hendricksen Publishers/RoseKidz

The Bible says that we are to "Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it." Most Christian parents that I know take that verse seriously, and as such, do all that they can to make certain that their children are schooled in the study of God's Word. How fortunate we are to live in an age that has so many wonderful resources to do just that, hide God's Word in our, and our children's hearts. We look first to the Bible of course, but how delightful it is that there are gifted authors and illustrators who have the ability to break down great truths into a way that the smallest child can understand. I have had the privilege of reviewing two such books, which are a part of a series, What Is Prayer?, and Who Is God?, both by Valerie Carpenter.

What Is Prayer?

This is a glossy, hardcover book with thirty-one pages. Each page has a heading that addresses a simple concept. For example, What Is Prayer?, or Trusting God. Under that main idea, there will be a short, rhyming text that speaks to that idea:

"Don't worry about words you choose,

Just pick the ones you know,

Every time you pray to God,

Your trust in Him will grow."

(What Is Prayer? pg. 8)

A Bible verse is then given to reinforce the idea. Every page has brightly colored, inviting illustrations that will capture the attention of young children. In this story, they will learn how to pray, who to pray for, and when to pray.

Who Is God?

Like the first book, this is also a glossy, hardcover book with thirty-one pages. The same format as the first book is used in this story. For each page, there is a main idea, a rhyming text, and an applicable verse from Scripture. Every page is filled with bright illustrations of God's Creation, that will keep little eyes glued to the book as you read. Questions answered in this story include, Who Is God?, What did He create?, What is He like?, and What does He know?

My babies are teenagers now, but I still keep a collection of good children's book in my library. I use them for teaching Sunday School, Awana, and any and every occasion where I find myself fortunate to have a little one around. These books can be used in a variety of settings, like the ones I just named, or as a way to begin or end the day with your children. As a parent or teacher, these make it easy to engage toddlers and preschoolers in the story. You might ask the question presented in the book, and then have them answer out loud in response. Young readers will find these good practice as they begin to read out loud for themselves, as the text is short, and the vocabulary easy to understand. Wherever you choose to use these books, I am sure that you will find them a welcome addition to your collection.

-Product review by Laurie Gauger, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November, 2018