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Set Apart Girl Magazine Review by Brandy Brockhausen

Leslie Ludy
Set Apart Girl
655 Southwood Lane
Windsor, CO 80550

As a young girl I remember being in the grocery story and looking at all the teen-girl magazines. They were full of stories about how to do your make-up and hair and what outfits to wear and stuff about famous celebrities. Looking back now, I realize that so much of that was empty entertainment that often left me feeling much less than whole. Fortunately, magazines have gotten a lot better than they were when I was a kid.

Set Apart Girl Magazine is published by Leslie Ludy of Set Apart Girl Ministries. It is a magazine designed to help encourage young girls on their journey to grow for God. It includes over 80 pages of articles about things like how to develop healthy friendships, renew your mind, focus your life on the Lord. It also offers suggestions for Bible study as well as an awesome full-color format with great photographs.

When reading this I found that a lot of the content is stuff that would have spoken to me as a young girl. The articles about learning how to forgive yourself for past mistakes and let go, and how to navigate the hallways in school and find real, positive friendships all remind me of the struggles I went through as a young girl. I also appreciated the articles on femininity and modesty. They were written in ways that help make Biblical principles real in this time, which is important, because any young girl reading magazines today needs to relate to what she sees. Set Apart Girl Magazine does that really well. On the surface, it may look like any other magazine on the rack, but when you open it up and read it you find out it has so much more to offer! If you are the parent of a teenage girl, I would absolutely suggest that you look into picking up an issue. Maybe you can read it first and then give it to your daughter to read. Maybe you might want to get this as a gift for the young women in your life. All I know is that teenage girls need as many positive influences as possible to help build them up, and this magazine could definitely be one of them!

-Product review by Brandy Brockhausen, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November 2018