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ReadySetz Urban 2.0 Playset Review by Audrey Tolle

ReadySetz, LLC

As a mom with six kids, we have had hundreds of toys throughout the years, with limited space to store them. For our family, a toy needs to “earn” it’s right to stay in our house by appealing to more than one kid, function in more than one way, and get the kids using their imaginations. After having the opportunity to review the Urban 2.0 Playset by ReadySetz, I can tell you that it will definitely be in our home for a long time.

ReadySetz, LLC makes portable playsets made from durable cardboard that can be put together in well under a minute. The playset is already assembled and just needs to be folded out and snapped together in a couple of places. It has everything that makes play fun including ramps, hiding spots, multiple levels, and bright colors. It has strong magnets and tabs that hold the set into place. It can stand up to hours of rough play and can handle my toddler climbing it. The manufacturers website shows it being thrown off a balcony and then an adult sitting on it and it was still in great shape.

My kids love this playset and have played with it for countless hours. All of the random toy figures that are in our house have been used with this set in some way or another. The creative juices just start flowing once the kids have set it up and manipulated the ramps where they want them. My boys have loved doing stop motion animation with this set as the background scene and my girls have jumped in with their ponies and figures as well.

I love the fact that it can easily break down and be stored in a closet or under a bed. It isn’t some bulky plastic piece that just sits there taking up space. I love that it is American made with sustainable materials. I really appreciate the detail of the design, it is very realistic looking and has many different facets to it. At the same time, I appreciate the simplicity of it. It isn’t a playset that caters to one specific kind of toy. The possibilities are endless as it provides a backdrop for cars, dinosaurs, action figures, planes, etc.

I would highly recommend the Urban 2.0 ReadySetz. It is a unique and new take on a classic idea. It appealed to each of my kids and stimulated imaginative play. It can be put together without my help and can be stored out of the way when space is needed. A win all the way around for my family.

-Product review by Audrey Tolle, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November, 2018