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Veggie Tales God Knows Me Review by Lisa McKinney

365 Daily Devos for Boys
6100 Tower Circle, Suite 210
Franklin, TN, 37067

Veggie Tales God Knows Me: 365 Daily Devos for Boys is a new release from WorthyKids/Ideals branch of the Worthy Publishing Group. Featuring the much loved VeggieTales characters, these daily devotionals offer the perfect opportunity for parents and children to spend time together each day. The daily entries include a bible verse, short kid-friendly devotion, thought of the day, and prayer. The topics include things such as honesty, forgiveness, kindness, and much more! Whether used for bedtime reading, family devotion time, or as a start for the day, this year-long content allows your child to make a start in building a regular relationship with God. The paperback book can be purchased for $9.99 and would make a great gift for any child.

The product is geared for boys ages 4-7 and is designed to be read on a daily basis. Each day’s entry begins with a bible verse from the New Living Translation. The next section is a kid-friendly short devotional relating to the topic of the verse. After the devotional, which is usually about a paragraph long, there is a question or thought to help reinforce the message for the day. The devotional ends with an example of a short prayer to God about the topic of the day.

I chose to review this product with my youngest son who is eight and loves VeggieTales. We have daily bible time, so we used this devotional during that time to get us ready for our biblical studies. The first several weeks of the devotional cover topics like God doing the impossible, being patient, using good manners, laughter, God’s thoughts, God’s love, peace, and much more. They really were snippets of subjects which could easily be examined more deeply, but a great introduction for the suggested age range. The topics are very practical and immediately applicable to any child’s life. My son was able to read it by himself with minimal assistance, but I found it was better to read it aloud so that we could talk about what it said—which is how it was intended because of the recommended age range. 

While this product was labeled as geared for boys, I really didn’t see anything in the devotionals themselves that suggested it was only for boys. It has a blue cover, and all the characters in the book are male, but the topics work for both genders and the terminology was fairly gender neutral.

I understand they made a “for girls” book as well, but I think it would be better to just have a generic child’s devotional version, especially if a family has both sons and daughters working through it together.

While my son didn’t love the book, he did well with the guided discussion the book provided, and I liked having something short and easy to add to our normal routine. If this product was available on sale, I would think it was a perfect gift and would consider purchasing it for other children in our extended family, especially if there was a generic version that wasn’t gender specific.

-Product review by Lisa McKinney, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November, 2018