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Why Did You Choose Me? Review by Lori Moffit

Katie Cruice Smith
Ambassador International

As an adoptive mom I was intrigued by the opportunity to read and review the book by Katie Cruice Smith, Why Did You Choose Me? The author had tried to find story books about adoption which would help her own children understand more about how they became part of their family, and why they truly belong.

Available from Ambassador-International, this is a lovely hardcover edition charmingly illustrated by Sarah Strickling Jones. Katie Cruice Smith wanted to answer the questions posed by her children about why they had been chosen to be in this family, and with this story book she has created something any adoptive parent can read to their children who may have the same questions.

Writing at first from the viewpoint of a child, Smith asks questions such as, wouldn’t you rather have a child who makes their bed, cleans their room, does their chores, sings well, etc. switching to the parental voice when answering the questions in the latter portion of the book. Telling her children in different ways why they are just wonderful no matter what, the parent also informs the children that they didn’t “choose,” but that there was no choice from the beginning, that the love was there from the moment they met.

I found this to be a memorable book. It is a very short read, short enough to hold a child’s attention while being read to, yet long enough to get the point across. This would have been a wonderful resource when my own children were little, so I am very glad it is available for those who still have young children which were brought into their family by adoption. This publication has earned a permanent place in our home library.

-Product review by Lori Moffit, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November, 2018