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Grasp Math Interactive Video Tutor: Basic Mathematics Review by Mrs. Kimberley Wampler

Educational Video Resources

The Grasp Math Basic Mathematics Interactive Video Tutor Series for the computer includes 8 CDs (with 14 hours of interactive video) for you computer to help students in 6th to 8th grade get the full understanding of math that they might of missed somewhere. You can purchase the CDs individually if you have an area of concern for you child. The fully interactive, self-paced, series allows students to learn the basic math concepts at their own pace.

Installation was easy, learning to use the software and how to move through the program is simple. The layout is easy to understand.

Let me start by saying this is a very detailed series of mathematics CDs and I am impressed by the quality of the program. I said there are 8 CDs in the series and would like to let you know what they are:

1. Whole numbers
2. Fractions
3. Decimals & Ratio and Proportion
4. Percent
5. Measurement
6. Geometry & Statistics and Probability
7. Signed Numbers & Exponents
8. Introduction to Algebra

Each CD covers about 3 to 5 main subjects under its title.

When you put the CD in to run the software it gives you some options to choose from:

You first make a selection from the main menu, after that you will make a choice to do Pre-Video assessment test, Video lesson, View and Print Objective Summaries or Print workbook pages.

You can start at whatever section you want, I started by printing the pages to go along with the videos, but my children liked only doing the work on the computer. When you do the Pre-Video assessment test, they give you about 10 problems to answer, the child puts there answer in and then clicks the check answer button to see if they have the correct answer, if they got an incorrect answer they can try again or go to the video tutor to help make the problem clear. If they go to watch the video, they can then go back and start the test over again. So the best thing to do is watch all the videos before taking the test. It also would be best to print out the Objective Summaries and have the child read over them before watching the video, so they have a clue as to what they are about to learn.

Now for my opinion of the program - I do like the program a lot and plan to use it with my son this coming school year. The videos are really good, not too long and not too short. I think that she does a good job keeping the child's attention. There are about 10 problems for the child to answer during assessment, but there is also about 10 problems that they can answer after watching the video. You can also print out workbook pages with problems for them to answer while they are watching the video. There are not too many problems, but there is enough to make sure they understand what they are learning.

To me there was only a couple of things that I didn't like about the program:

1. I wish when the child got a problem wrong, that they would give you a video clip of her doing that exact problem. Then she could go on and explain with more detail.

2. If you get a problem wrong during pre-assessment and go watch the video, they made you start at the beginning of the test again, rather than where you messed up.

So all in all if you have a child who struggles with math, this is an awesome way to get him or her going.

--Product Review by: Mrs. Kimberley Wampler, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine