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The Supremacy of Christ: Satisfaction Review by Jennifer King

The Supremacy of Christ: Savior
The Supremacy of Christ: Security
The Supremacy of Christ: Shepherd
The Supremacy of Christ: Sufficient
(Five Book Set)
Dr. William McCarrell
Rev. Richard McCarrell, D.D.
Grace Acres Press
PO Box 22
Larkspur, CO 80118

For a few months now I have been studying the attributes and names of God. There are so many of them and every one of them has such amazing purpose and power within it. He is our savior, our healer, our shepherd.  He is all satisfying and more than sufficient. For those times when perhaps we forget, it is good to search the scriptures and see who our God is and how great our God is. Each book in this set speaks to a very specific and beautiful attribute helping us draw nearer and walk more fully in Him.


What could be more satisfying than Jesus? Satisfaction speaks to the great need of every believer to be fully “in Christ.” In Revelation, we find seven letters written to seven churches. Each one is worthy of deeper study and within each chapter that is exactly what we do. As we study these letters, one to each historical church, we see a way that we perhaps should go. Perhaps we need to see what spiritual power really look like. We read and ponder whether we are that church that is dead in sin or fundamental. This is to encourage us to look further for do we not all want to hear, “Well done, my good and faithful servant,” one day?


Christ is our Savior but what does that mean? How often we ought to reflect upon the value and depth of meaning within the cross of Christ. There is such freedom for us when we truly understand and accept the forgiveness that He offers. Sin left a crimson stain, He washed it white as snow. How precious is this gift! Dig deeper here into those words, “It is finished” and experience that happy day whether for the first time or renewed again.


Christ is our Security. I know we have had many days where much has been shaken in our home, yet we cling to Christ and through it all He provides for our needs. It is said that “If a man die, he shall live again” and we believe it and receive it through the resurrection. Yet, sin complicates so many things. See the evidence of the resurrection and the power that comes to everyone of us who claims salvation and security through it. There is so much more to be explored; so much insight we can gain that can only strengthen our faith and our walk. Let every one of us be able to proclaim boldly, His goodness, to know the power of HIs resurrection.


Christ is our Shepherd. How I have always loved Psalm 23; even when these were only words written on my grandmother’s epitaph. What a vision; what a peace comes from this. As we speak these words we see how personal this really is. Can we say, the Lord is MY shepherd? There are many blessings within these words; do we see the greater meaning behind the cup and the table and the oil? Every one of these is so much more than it seems. When we truly see our value and our place, at His side, truly it can only increase our faith.


Sufficiency. Defined as the condition or quality of being adequate or sufficient; the amount of something, especially of something essential, surely we must see the need to call Christ our sufficiency. For what is more essential? There is such abundant life available to us in Christ when we are in Christ, walking in the Spirit. This is where we are reminded that God’s’ rewards for us always greatly outweigh any sufferings and trials we experience in this present time. We are reminded of the everlasting love He has for us. What praise, what worship we ought to have for the God who provided us with His own righteousness that we could be overcomers. The question is now: what shall we say to these things?


Every one of these books is full of great revelation; both inspiring and challenging. About fifty pages, give or take, within each book, these will open your eyes and share some powerful truths that will change how you see your faith and your salvation. Each book also contains study questions at the very end to test your knowledge. These could also be used as discussion questions since these books could be great to use in a study group. We are called to search the scriptures and certainly these books can help us to do just that. Let us learn of Him who is gentle and meek in spirit that we may be more like Him and ever more in love with Him every moment.


-Product review by Jennifer King, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, October 2018