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Eat at Home Tonight Review by Sheila Quach

101 Simple Busy-Family Recipes for Your Slow Cooler, Sheet Pan, Instant Pot®, and More
Tiffany King
Waterbrook Multnomah
WaterBrook& Multnomah
10807 New Allegiance Drive Suite 500
Colorado Springs, CO 80921

Recently I have found myself in a cookbook rut, which basically means they just overwhelm me, so I just stick with a few key recipes to get me through the month.  That said, dinner time is extremely important to me.  I grew up in and out of numerous foster homes and I promised myself that when I was a mom a warm meal, constant eye contact and never-ending conversation about relevant topics would be the norm.  Fast forward twenty years and I can say my heart is in the right place for sure.  But sometimes this mama thinks a stack of fish sticks with a salad from a bag in front of yet another Bill Nye the Science guy episode might be just what 12 year old Sheila was talking about. 

Lucky for me and my family I recently received a new cookbook, one that has my name all over it.  I say this because the Author seems to truly understand my desire for family closeness.  She knows my heart and intentions, she believes like I do that family around the dinner table is extremely important and special.  And she also knows what it’s like to me a busy Mom in this world today that isn’t as predictable as it was fifty years ago.  The cookbook is called, Eat At Home Tonight from Tiffany King.  There is 101 simple recipes for busy families that include everything from the slow cooker to the instant pot and everything in between.  I simple adored the introduction.  I don’t think I have ever read an introduction section before in a cookbook, but I’m pleased that I did this time.  It was here that I read her heart for strong families and that dinner time bond I totally can get behind and support.

The cookbook is divided into different sections, some of my favorite sections are the I Only Have 15 Minutes Tonight, My Refrigerator is Empty Tonight and the I Don’t Have Time for Dishes Tonight.  Are you laughing yet?  At the beginning of each chapter is a list of meals and a brief description or story behind the given title.  There are many tips and tricks to help you create that memorable family dinner sprinkled throughout the book.  Like where she gives over 10 ideas how to cut down on dishes and have a more pleasant experience while doing the ones that are unavoidable.  Or the table conversation starters or the staples you should always have in your pantry.

So, yes, the cookbook is amazing and filled with charm, knowledge and tidbits to make my life easier, but what about the recipes?  Well, first I want to give a shout out about the amazing make your own naan bread pizzas.  My kids have asked for this every single week for dinners and lunch.  There are meatless dishes, simple one pot wonders and cozy comfort food.  I found that the recipes were easy to read, shop for and assemble.  I appreciated all the thoughtful notes, variations, serving options and side dishes.  Even though I have not tried it she offers a section called I Want to Cook for the Whole Week Tonight.  It comes with two completed 6-in-1 menu shopping lists.  Maybe during the holidays I will try this out.  I also loved all the illustrations, like the one for a delicious pork chop, apple and sweet potato recipe.  The ingredients evoked the Fall weather and it was perfect the other day after we went to the pumpkin patch.

I would recommend this book to new mothers, newlyweds, homeschool moms or anyone that wants to preserve the sacred family table and the specialness of spending time together around a home-cooked meal.  I enjoyed using this over the last few weeks and look forward to many more meals with it. 

-Product review by Sheila Quach, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, October, 2018