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Grasp Math Interactive Video Tutor: Algebra Interactive Video CD Series Volume 1 and 2 Review by Kimberly Wampler

Educational Video Resources

Grasp Math Algebra 1 series has a total of 8 CDs and cost a total of 224.95, or you can buy just the CDs that you want in the series for 29.95 each. The 8 CDs has a over 22 hours of video and over 89 lessons. This program is for students at 8th grade and up.

The Algebra computer program is very detailed and has 8 CDs to work from. The title of the CDs are:

1. Real Numbers, Variables, and Algebraic Expressions
2. Solving Equations and Problem Solving
3. Inequalities and Exponents
4. Operations on Polynomials and Factoring
5. Rational Expressions
6. Graphs and Systems of Equations
7. Roots and Radicals
8. Solving Quadratic Equations

This software is very easy to use. All you do is stick it in the CD Rom drive and start from there.

It comes up to the main menu after you put in your name. You are able to start at the chapter you want on the CD. You may then take a pre-assessment test or watch the videos. After you watch the videos you can take another test to see if you understand what you just learned.

I really like the way the program runs, I can only think of one problem in the program. When you are taking the pre-assessment test and you miss the problem, if you go watch the video when you go back to the test you must start all over again. So I guess I would complete the whole pre-assessment test before I watched the video.

There are hours of video tutor on this program, it is a great program for you to have if your children are starting to learn Algebra. Everything is at you fingertips and easy to use. When my children start to learn Algebra I will be using this program with them. She does a wonderful job explaining what she wants them to learn. I also like the way that they will show you how to do the problem you are working on and break it down into steps.

I give this program a thumbs up.

--Product Review by: Kimberly Wampler, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine