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Nullifying God - Evolution's End Game Review by Laurie Gauger

A Scientist’s Challenge
H. Robert Wilson
Ambassador International

When it comes to the debate of Creation versus Evolution, there are not many people who would be lukewarm on the subject. While I am sure there are exceptions, most would claim a side, and passionately defend their position, decrying the opposing view in the process. In my admittedly limited experience, I have found that those who hold fast to the evolution viewpoint, see Creationists as silly, overly religious, and perhaps even uneducated. Why? Well because, science, they might say. Scientists say it, I believe it, and that is the end of that. I wonder how many of those folks have truly researched the scientific facts that they claim provide irrefutable evidence to support their position?

Author H. Robert Wilson has examined both sides of the debate, and he has written his thoughts on the matter in the book, Nullifying God - Evolution’s End Game, A Scientist’s Challenge. It always helps me to read, if not the entire biography of a person, at least a portion of their back story. I feel that I can better understand why they have made certain decisions, or why they hold to the values that they do. Such was the case in this instance. In the introduction of this book, Wilson briefly provides an overview of his history, including the time at which he gave his life to Jesus Christ.  Even after becoming a Christian, he still held to the idea of evolution, until one day, upon reading a quote that challenged the notion that any life can spring forth from random happenings. A book was born. This book was born.

Nullifying God has close to two hundred pages, with ten chapters, two appendices, a glossary, and references. While it is a relatively short read, it is filled with information and fancier scientific vocabulary that require a person, or me at least, to take it at a more leisurely pace, so as not to miss anything. A glance at the table of contents will offer a glimpse into what you will learn in this book:

Chapter 1 - Introduction - why this book was written

Chapter 2 - Definitions - what science is and isn’t

Chapter 3 - Abiogenesis: Evolution’s Random Origin of Life

Chapter 4 - Adaptation - AKA Darwin’s “Natural Selection”

Chapter 5 - Evolution’s Achilles Heel: Homeostasis

Chapter 6 - Evolution’s Biological Challenge - evolution requires new genetic information

Chapter 7 - The Giraffe: The Prototype Example for Rejecting Evolution

Chapter 8 - Evolution’s Impossible Challenges

Chapter 9 - Nullifying God: Evolution’s End Game

Chapter 10 - Ecclesiastes 12:13

What this book is not, is passion without thought and intelligence. I am very impressed with the quality of detail and research that the author has provided. Filled with Scripture, and example after example from Creation itself, Wilson makes a beautiful case for God’s Creation. You will read about various theories and scientists, and even they will display the faulty evidence that evolution offers. Albert Einstein himself once said that all it would take to disprove his theories, would be for another scientist to come along, and prove him wrong. Einstein also said, and it is quoted in the last chapter of this book, that this world reveals “an intelligence of such superiority” against which human reasoning is “utterly insignificant”. 

This book is a valuable addition to our personal library. The Bible tells us to be ready with an answer for our hope, and I will say that this book helps in pointing people to our amazing Creator, and his awesome found in the world around us. Not only is this book a good and helpful read for adults, it is appropriate for teenagers who are learning to defend their faith in a doubting world.

- Product review by Laurie Gauger, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC., October, 2018