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Animalopolis CD Review by Laurie Gauger

Melany Perkins
Happy Moon Enterprises

I love children’s music almost as much as I love children’s literature. My daughters are no longer little, and every so often, I find myself missing the days gone by of sweet, bouncy music featuring whimsical characters, and contagious melodies. Fortunately, I still have access to some “littles” several times a month, when I teach Sunday School at our church. So, that means that I still have an excuse to continue to add current children’s resources to my collection. Animalopolis, a CD from musical artist Melany Perkins, is one of those resources that I have happily been reviewing, and I love it!

Melany Perkins has an impressive background. A singer, songwriter, and recording artist, she has performed her catchy tunes for countless crowds of children via radio, television, and in concert. She conducts workshops for a variety of conferences, and personally, I would love to have the opportunity to hear her speak and play! I’m starting to get ahead of myself a bit, so allow me to back up and share this musical gem with you. 

Animalopolis features twelve songs that will have your preschoolers tapping their toes and singing along with Melany and her friends. There are two parts to this album, the first being the “AM for Dancin’” songs, and the second half being the “PM for Chillin” songs. From what I have looked at regarding Perkins’ other albums, this is a trademark of her works. That certainly makes it convenient for parents and teachers who may want to have separate play lists for active play time, and quiet time, respectively. The list of songs are as follows:

AM for Dancin’

1.) Animalopolis

2.)BuggyWuggy Blues

3.) Catfish In My Bathtub

4.) Meow

5.) Gus

6.) Alligator

PM for Chillin’

7.) Big Dog

8.) Oliver The Octopus

9.) Middle Meadow Green

10.) Soupy Snail

11.) Birdie Concert

12.) Firefly

Perkins has a warm, soothing voice that both kids and adults will find appealing. The music is guitar and percussion, with some background harmonies being sung by children here and there. It is refreshingly simple, allowing the stories of the songs to shine. Themes included are kindness, acceptance, and feelings. As a parent and teacher, I love a children’s CD that is genuinely fun to listen to, without being shrill. That can be difficult to find, as many of you will agree, lest we forget a certain purple dinosaur from back in the day.

If we were talking about an adult CD, the options for using it would be limited, after all, what does one do with an album but listen to it right? The wonderful thing about a child’s resource though, is the variety of applications that are possible. I can see parents and teachers using this in several ways. In the classroom, I would have this playing in the background as children arrived, as well as during the times where they would be working in their various learning centers. Taking it further, there are plenty of these songs that can be sung with a flannel board, props, puppets, and anything else that can be imagined. Animalopolis, Catfish In My Bathtub, and Alligator specifically would work beautifully along those lines, as they feature a wide array of animals.  The slower half of this album will naturally be a relaxing listen for resting kids. Even my thirteen year old enjoyed Middle Meadow Green, Soupy Snail, and Firefly. She commented that she would have loved this collection of songs had it been available when she was a preschooler. Melany Perkins is an artist that would be a sweet addition to your early childhood music collection. 

-Product review by Laurie Gauger, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, October, 2018