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AceReader Cloud Edition (Full Version) Review by Leslie Talley

AceReader, Inc.
619 Main Street
Grand Junction, CO 81501

AceReader is a program designed to increase reading comprehension, fluency, and speed. The easy-to-use program uses proven, patented and analysis-based technology to achieve quick results. AceReader is one complete program with multiple benefits. Assessing and improving reading skills is the chief goal when using AceReader, however it also includes fun games and a variety of exercises. The exercises cover vocabulary, memory, and SAT/ACT prep. The provided reading content within the program is informative, fascinating, and categorized into several different main topics. These topics include American history, earth science, famous people, and much more. AceReader has four versions available; the Classic Desktop and the Education, Family and Personal editions. The Classic Desktop version is the original AceReader program and can be purchased for $69.95 as a stand-alone desktop software installation. The Education Edition was created exclusively for schools. Prices vary for this option. The Family Edition has three options depending on how many students are enrolled. The cheapest and smallest option is for two students for $59 a year. The next option covers four students and costs $79 a year. For $99 a year the third option covers up to eight students. The Family Edition is great for homeschoolers. The Personal Edition costs $39 a year and covers one student.

AceReader is not a phonics program. It is a program intended to teach readers of all ages how to read more efficiently. It is best suited for children in third grade or higher. AceReader can also help college-aged students as well as adults looking to improve their reading skills. AceReader works well on computers and tablets. Students complete courses that contain exams, drills and games. They can login and take timed reading tests, perform warm-up exercises, eye-pacing exercises and games, and check their progress with this user-friendly program. Teachers and parents are able to monitor their progress with reports showing their development in charts and tables. They can login and manage user accounts and observe students’ progress and activity. It doesn’t take much time to complete the activities assigned each day. AceReader recommends students spend fifteen minutes going through five activities three times a week. There are three modes available within the program. Course Mode is an automated self-adjusting course. This is the most user-friendly mode because it sets out the plan for you and you don’t have to think about it. Menu Mode offers the teacher or parent more control. You are able to choose which activities you want your students to complete. Read Mode gives you full control and allows you to load your own reading material. What is neat about this mode is that it lets you learn while reading content you needed to read anyway. Especially helpful for students with a full course load!

I am using AceReader with my fourth grader with plans to have my seventh grader use it soon. I am also using it for myself. My fourth grader has been doing well with the program. She mentioned that she would prefer more interesting content and felt that it was a little boring. I have enjoyed playing around on the program and like how easy it is to use. The instructions are easy to understand and the activities move along at a fastpace making it easy to complete the daily assigned activities in a timely manner. The fastpace also keeps it from becoming tedious and monotonous. The one area that is a little difficult is in the Read Mode option. It would be nice to have more information regarding how to upload personal text options or resources for finding content available for uploading to the program. I would recommend AceReader to everyone looking to improve their reading speed, comprehension and fluency.

-Product review by Leslie Talley, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, October, 2018