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T is for Tree: A Bible ABC Review by Pam Havens

Connie L. Meyer
Reformed Free Publishing, Association
1894 Georgetown Center Drive
Jenison, Michigan 49428-7137

Reading to children, and the alphabet, both play an important role when developing literacy skills. T is for Tree: A Bible ABC book, produced by Reformed Free PublishingAssociation, is an excellent way to engage children on an alphabet adventure. This alphabet book is a collection of Bible passages, short rhymes and detailed illustrations for the purpose of instructing children in the truths of salvation, and for teaching them about God’s almighty power and his faithfulness to fulfill the promises he makes.  A complete thirty-two-page hardcover book for $17.95. 

Each upper-case letter has a word associated with that beginning letter, an illustration that reflects the word, a short three-line rhyme, and a complete scripture with the reference. The scriptures are cited from the King James version, with some being longer in length than others.

This alphabet book is great to use with toddlers through elementary, and even independent readers. The more children read something, the better they begin to understand the truth of the words written.  My independent reader would read the letter, word associated with the letter, and rhyme to my toddler.  Together they would point to the illustrations and she would describe what the picture was.  We also used this book at bedtime, in which we were able to discuss several scriptures and its meaning. Any child who enjoys being read to, and even those who need encouragement, would enjoy the engaging way this book draws the reader in. For children who have a hard time sitting still, this book is a quick read, unless time is spent reading and discussing each scripture.

Our family was delighted to read this alphabet book together several times, and now it is one of my children’s most requested bedtime stories. Nothing more could be added to this book, except my children thought it would be neat if there was a coloring page which went along with each letter, or possibly a coloring book. The King James version scriptures were a little hard to decipher for my children, as we use a New International version when reading scriptures. However, I highly recommend this alphabet book be added to your collection of literacy resources for children.

Give the gift of reading to a child, by choosing books that speak not only to their mind, but their hearts and spirit as well.  

-Product review by Pam Havens, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, October, 2018