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Coda Kid Coding & Game Design for Kids Review by Katherine Bartlett


The world has quickly become technology based over the last 20 years. I remember as a kid, when I would get home from school, all the kids of the neighborhood would gather in our cul-de-sac to play games like Red Rover or Hide and Seek. Now kids don’t play outside as often because of all the technology they have around them. My daughter Mary has always been a computer lover so that’s why Coda Kid has become a part of our home-school.

Coda Kid is an online subscription that teaches kids how to code their own video games. You don’t need an experience with Coda Kid and each lesson literally walks you through every single step. For example, each lesson is a full video with your instructor talking and also showing his computer screen. You can easily follow along with what the instructor is doing because he shows every step needed.

The first course Mary decided to start on was to learn how to code in Python. Coda Kid has many other courses as well if you don’t want to start with Python yourself. They have Minecraft and Roblox type courses too.

Each video lesson can range from four minutes to twelve minutes long. As you watch the instructor and follow what he is doing, you are building your video game from scratch.

Using Coda Kid is easy too. You simply login to your account and pick up where you left off the last time. Each course is designed to take hours to complete so you can work at your own pace as well.You can purchase a monthly subscription to Coda Kid for $25 monthly or $249 for a year on the website.

We used the subscription in our homeschool since Mary was already taking coding classes outside the house. This way she can work on her own time to make a videogame but she can also go back to her account to learn more anytime she wants. That’s something you don’t normally get with an outside class.

Coda Kid required no planning on my part other than seeing what lesson Mary was on. And it’s a huge plus that I myself didn’t need any background in coding either. Overall, it’s a wonderful subscription for any kid that loves video games.

-Product review by Katherine Bartlett, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, October 2018